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Archive for November, 2008

Practical tips from Nominet’s domain report

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We mentioned last week that Nominet has released its second annual domain name industry report (PDF, 1MB). These things usually contain a lot of fairly interesting domain name-related data. Fairly...

Free Perl Conference in London

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Not wanting Perl developers to feel left out after the PHP conference in Manchester we mentioned recently, there’s a grassroots Perl conference in London the week afterwards, on Saturday November...

Nominet registrar conference wrap-up

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We’ve just come to the end of the final session at today’s Nominet registrar conference. All-in-all, it’s been an interesting day. The most noteworthy session was probably David Hendon’s keynote...

Nominet registrar conference

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The Nominet .uk registrar conference is being held today at Wembley Stadium. I’ve just arrived, after a hike round to find the right conference room. The first presentation is just...

Calling PHP Developers in the North West

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That’s the north west of England (so apologies to our readers in Oregon or Wester Ross or the north west of any other country), more specifically Manchester. PHPNW08 is a...

Live from Wembley Stadium

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Next Wednesday it’s the annual Nominet .uk registrar conference. The conference is being held at Wembley Stadium, and while it’s unlikely to be most exciting event that particular venue has...