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Photography and art sharing


Sharing and hosting images on the internet is by no means a new concept, in fact even in the early days of the internet it was possible to view images on web pages. But for a long time the only real way to host an image was to have that image directly on your website…

LinkedIn – are you?


LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks but it is often overlooked as it is seen as a recruitment tool or somewhere to show off your CV. But LinkedIn is so much more than that, it can be a very powerful B2B communication tool and can be one of the most powerful ways…

Klout is about… Time to measure your efforts


In this time of social media madness wouldn’t it be great to have some way of measuring your influence across the different social media networks? Well that is exactly what Klout was created for. Klout analyses your social media activity on Facebook or Twitter and assigns a number between 1 and 100 to indicate the…

Have web designers been replaced?


In years gone by to get a website on the internet there was only two ways.  You could code and produce the website yourself or hire a web designer to produce your website.  This means you either needed to be a technical whiz or you would be slapped with a hefty fee from a web…