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Kick-start your business in 2015

By Thomas Costello - January 14, 2015

Did you know that one in ten domestic properties in the UK is now home to a business and 2.9m “homepreneurs” are contributing £300bn to the British economy? Almost everyone has had a...

Crazy discounts in our January sale

By Tim Fuell - January 15, 2013

Have you noticed our January sale? There’s a full range of bargains. Whether you are a start-up business or a super-sized techie developer there’s offers to help kick-start your business in 2013. Domain...

The only way is .SX

By Tim Fuell - November 5, 2012

Sometimes you choose your domain name to suit a business project you long to get off the ground. Other times you may grab a domain you think is witty or clever. Now...

Can I marry Harry?

By Tim Fuell - April 8, 2011

As the nation gets set to celebrate the Royal nuptials and that all-important day off work, we want to mark this special event in history!  So, today we launch our Royal compatibility...

123-reg fun day

By Tim Fuell - March 22, 2011

Recently we’ve been writing more and more about social media so we sat down and thought: “You know what, let’s give something to our social media followers.” …so tada! Here it is. We’re giving...

A friend like me

By Tim Fuell - February 8, 2011

Be they friends, followers or connections, the modern world is all about the size and potential of your own social network. Whether you then inadvertently neglect them or actively nurture them it’s...

A Haunting Halloween for .me and you

By Tim Fuell - October 26, 2010

We’ve got a new deal to get your teeth into. Have you seen our domain Count on the 123-reg home page? Our Halloween offer has .me domain names for a spooky £6.66. Always...

.be what you want to .be

By Tim Fuell - September 10, 2010

The summer’s over and it’s back to school. Whether you are a pupil, student, teacher or anything else, it is all academic to us, we just love to see you pursuing your dreams. With...

SiteFusion: Your design on the web

By Tim Fuell - September 7, 2010

This blogger has been designing websites for longer than he can care to remember. Pretty basic stuff really, nothing world-leading or over-elaborate. I’ve hand coded, wizarded and learned the wonders of Dreamweaver...