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Domain name scammers try their luck with emails

By John - November 10, 2008

Just lately we’ve encountered a few instances of domain name scam emails circulating. A couple of people in the office have received them, and just the other day one of our readers...

How to write great sales copy

By John - August 1, 2008

Previously, we looked at how to write good copy for the web. In the latest of our videos, I’ve ventured in front of the camera to give you a quick run-down on...

Protect yourself from password hacking

By 123 Reg - April 17, 2008

Passwords and codes are a part of everyday life now. There is no escaping it. However, are you choosing ones which are strong enough to defeat the new bread of password hacking...

Building your business profile on the web

By 123 Reg - April 4, 2008

“Your business needs a website.” In the past, perhaps this statement wasn’t true for every new company. But these days, virtually all start-ups should have an online presence from day one. There are...

Spot the tricks and stop domain name scams

By John - March 10, 2008

We wrote about a typical domain name scam a couple of weeks ago. Since then, a couple of people in the office have been targeted, so we thought we’d revisit the subject...

How to avoid domain name scams

By John - February 14, 2008

There’s a nice post over on the Tucows blog warning about fake domain name renewal notices. Tucows is a wholesale domain name registrar, so the advice is aimed mainly at other domain...

Logging in to the new 123-reg webmail

By John - January 15, 2008

Last week we launched the new 123-reg webmail interface. (Blog readers got a sneak preview of it back in December.) It offers a number of improvements over the previous version; there’s new look...

Monkey shine on tree – Part 2

By 123 Reg - December 5, 2007

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting to get ranked that high in such a short space of time (123-reg is #1 and WebFusion is #2). It’s worth noting that there aren’t any...

Monkey shine on tree

By 123 Reg - December 4, 2007

Monkey Shine on tree I want to do a test to show how important different elements of a site are when it comes to getting ranked in Google’s natural listings. To do this,...