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Google’s moderating revealed

By Tim Fuell - February 24, 2011

While Google remains one of the most sophisticated ‘automated’ search engines around it still has a crack commando team of human experts checking content is suitable and meets its guidelines and dealing...

Why AdSense makes sense

By Tim Fuell - January 20, 2011

If you have a portfolio of dormant domains and are not yet putting them to use with our 123-reg Parking scheme you may consider spending a few hours of your time developing...

Top 123-reg support queries

By John - November 22, 2010

Our support team deals with a whole variety of questions from customers. We’ve probably covered every conceivable query at some point, from changing where a domain name points and managing web hosting to...

Making the most of Twitter

By Tim Fuell - October 28, 2010

So you’ve got yourself on Twitter. You are communicating two-way with customers and potential customers and seeing some benefit, but are you making the most of Twitter? Here’s three tools you should be...

Who k-new?

By Tim Fuell - September 24, 2010

Keeping up to date with Google’s latest developments, tweaks and introductions could almost be a full-time job. The Google development labs across the world is an ever expanding team, launching and improving...

Avoid Blog Fog

By Tim Fuell - February 24, 2010

In days gone by, even the greatest print journalists suffered writer’s block and the same can affect online writers too. Blogger’s block or Blog Fog has been around almost as long as...