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Nick Leech

Nick Leech Nick Leech is group marketing director at 123-reg. His contributions to the blog cover all aspects of online marketing. Nick loves the fact that the Internet allows the smallest business to take on the largest, and win. And when he’s not knee deep in excel and analytics he’s usually out running.

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Important business lessons I learned from three failed ventures


I do quite a lot of public speaking these days, often at the events we hold with Enterprise Nation. In the ‘about me’ section of my presentation I talk about my experiences of starting businesses. Sure, there have been a couple of successes, but like any entrepreneur I’ve had my share of failure too. I…

Swift 6: What to do if your Google rankings drop

Happy GoogleBot

In this latest Swift 6 video, I’ll be looking at one of the most terrifying things that can happen to a business – a drop in its website’s Google rankings. I’ll explain what you need to do to identify the reason behind your fall in Google rankings, and then you’ll be able to start working…

5 tips for people who can’t code but still want to grow a business online


Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Travis Kalanick. What do these three have in common? Programming geniuses that grew flourishing businesses because they spotted an opportunity and were able to build a product themselves. These three aren’t alone. It seems like almost every other day we read about techies selling their success story businesses for millions…

Swift Six: How to generate more leads from your website

Nick Leech

In this Swift Six, I’ll be taking your through some tips that can help your website generate more leads for your business. Leads are absolutely vital for online businesses, so you really should be maximising the power of your website. Let’s get started. View Transcript Hello and welcome to another Swift Six from 123-reg. This…

Six jobs only the boss of a small business can do

Nick Leech, group director digital at 123-reg

Disclaimer: In this post when I say “boss” I mean “MD” and “CEO” and “founder”. They’re interchangeable. Bear with me… “Another round?” I groaned internally. Another round of drinks? It was already way past my bedtime, yet no one else wanted to leave. “Sounds good. I’ll get them,” I answered. What choice did I have?…

Customer loyalty webinar: Why loyalty matters and how to get it

Nick Leech

In this webinar, I’ll be explaining why loyal customers are one of the most important assets any business have. I’ll also tell you how to build loyalty to ensure that your company is as strong as possible. It’s not something that’s easy to do, but it is worth rising to the challenge. Click the button…

Swift 6: Ways to overcome sales objections


Welcome to another Swift 6. In this latest video, I’ll be explaining how you can overcome some of the biggest sales objections potential customers will have when they visit your website. This is an absolutely crucial topic as it can help you boost sales and increase profits just by making sure people know as much…

Swift Six: Questions to ask your SEO agency


Hello! In this Swift Six, I’ll be taking you through six important questions that you should ask for your SEO agency to make sure they’re doing the things they should be doing. Remember, if there’s anything that’s not in the video that you need help with, just leave a comment and I’ll get back to…

7 big myths about starting and growing your own business


Having had several years of growth, the agency I’d co-founded had come to the attention of investors. They wanted some simple facts; reasons why we were worth placing a bet on. “So what’s your unique selling point? Why are you different, better? How can I know that you’re going to carry on doing this stuff?”…