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Nick Leech

Nick Leech Nick Leech is group marketing director at 123-reg. His contributions to the blog cover all aspects of online marketing. Nick loves the fact that the Internet allows the smallest business to take on the largest, and win. And when he’s not knee deep in excel and analytics he’s usually out running.

Posts by Nick Leech:

Webinar: Understanding your website visitors


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Hello and welcome to our latest on demand webinar. Today I’ll be taking you through one of the most important aspects of doing business online – understanding how people who visit your website are behaving. This is the key to turning visitors into customers, so it’s absolutely crucial that you get this right. There’s a…

Swift 6: How to create a social media action plan


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In this video I’ll be taking you through the basics of creating a social media action plan. This will help you make sure that you and your business are making the best possible use of social media, Let’s get started. View Transcript Hello and welcome to another 123-reg Swift 6. This week I’m going to…

Swift Six: How to create and promote ‘hero’ content


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Creating top-quality pieces of content, whether that’s an in-depth blog post, an infographic or a microsite, is an excellent way to attract links, visitors and even news coverage. In the latest Swift Six, I’ll be explaining how you can get ideas for hero content and how you can go about promoting it. Click the video…

Swift Six: How to get more traffic to your blog


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Writing great blog posts is one thing, but getting people to read them is something else entirely. In the latest Swift Six, I’ll explain how to get more traffic to your blog. I’m going to assume you’re already comfortable with creating high-quality blog content. If you’re struggling for ideas, follow the link to this video…

Webinar: How to use social media in your marketing mix


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Hello! Welcome to the first 123-reg on-demand webinar. In it we’ll be looking at why you should be using social media as part of your marketing and how you can make the most of it. Social media’s potential as a marketing platform is huge – a significant proportion of your potential customer base will be…

Swift Six: How to keep track of your competitors


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In this video, I’ll be explaining how you can keep an eye on your competitors in order to gather information that you can use to your advantage. It’s not hugely complicated, but it can help you reach customers in new ways. Let’s get started. View Transcript Hello and welcome to another 123-reg Swift 6! This…

Swift Six: Creating a website checkout customers will love


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In this month’s video, I’ll be taking a look at things you can do to streamline your checkout. The aim here is to make sure people who begin the process of buying from you actually end up parting with their money. So if you’ve noticed a high abandon rate at your checkout, then this guide is…

Swift Six: Using UX to turn visitors into customers


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In this edition of the 123-reg Swift Six, we’ll be looking at how better user experience (UX) can help you turn more of your website visitors into customers. We start with a brief overview of UX, so it’s a great place to start if you’ve never encountered the subject before. Let’s go. View Transcript Hello…

Swift Six: Make boring blog posts interesting


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Do you worry about boring your readers? In the latest Swift Six video I’ll look at ways you can make sure people who check out your blog stay interested in what you have to say. Here we go. View Transcript Hello and welcome to another edition of the 123-reg swift 6. This week I’m going…