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Nick Leech

Nick Leech Nick Leech is group marketing director at 123-reg. His contributions to the blog cover all aspects of online marketing. Nick loves the fact that the Internet allows the smallest business to take on the largest, and win. And when he’s not knee deep in excel and analytics he’s usually out running.

Posts by Nick Leech:

Swift 6: Ways to protect your business website from hackers


In this week’s Swift 6, I’ll be looking at an issue that’s vital for businesses to get their heads around. But it’s something so many people leave to chance. You don’t have to be an IT expert to take some basic steps to make your website more secure. In this guide, I’ll take you through…

How your small business can use psychology to engage customers


You may have noticed we’ve got a new website! It launched back in August, thanks to the hard work of our copywriters, designers and developers. We’ve also moved to a new platform too: WordPress. Our customers love WordPress for their own sites. And we do too, so decided to put our money where out mouth…

3 (more!) of my business failures and why they didn’t work


Last year I tried to lay some ghosts to rest by writing about a few business failures I’ve been a part of. It’s a sad fact: most businesses die. Any successful entrepreneur is likely to have lived through it more than once. Whilst I’ve notched up a couple of fair-to-middling businesses (they’re still going at…

Swift 6: Six email marketing tactics that are wasting your time


We all love email, right? Well, perhaps not. But a good email containing a special offer that’s interesting and relevant is always welcome. Email marketing done right is an extremely powerful tactic, but so many companies get it wrong. In this latest video I’ll share with you six email marketing tactics that are wasting your…

Helping to turn young ideas into an app-reality


Have you heard of Apps for Good? In a complex start-up ecosystem of government, private sector and not-for-profit, its an organization that really shines through. Founded by Iris Lapinski in 2009, Apps for Good aims to turn young people from those who solely consume technology into those who help make that technology. Iris claims that…

Swift 6: Six common email marketing mistakes


Stop. Before you hit send on that latest batch of marketing emails, have you considered that you could be getting things wrong? Email marketing is really easy to do, and that means it’s really easy to get wrong. In this latest Swift 6, I’ll be taking you through six of the most common email marketing…

Swift 6 – 6 ways to target your Facebook ads


It’s time for another 123 Reg Swift Six. In this video, I’ll be helping you get to grips with a thorny issue – targeting your Facebook ads. Now Facebook adverts can be fantastic, but if you don’t target them properly you’re not going to see the full benefit. So if you’ve struggle with making Facebook…

Swift 6: Six ways to keep track of your brand


It’s time for another Swift 6 and in this latest video I’ll be walking you through how to keep track of your brand, the market and your competitors. Understanding what people are saying about your business and other businesses is absolutely crucial. It can help you identify problems you need to solve, and opportunities you…