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Swift 6: Six ways to boost your click through and conversion rate

By Nick Leech - September 13, 2017

Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to drive people to your website. But if you’re not doing it right, it can be expensive. Or perhaps you’re finding that not enough people are actually clicking on your ads.

In this latest Swift 6, I’ll look tactics you can use to help increase your click through rate and your conversion rate. Hopefully, the result should be an increase in sales for your business.

If you’d rather read what I’ve got to say, I’ve included a copy of my script below.

Hello and welcome to another 123reg Swift Six. This time we’ll be looking at the 6 ways you can get better click through AND conversion rates on your ads.Before we get going, I just want to be clear. I’m not going to talk about stylistic tricks to give your ads stand out. I’ve covered that in my Swift Six to get more clicks on your Adwords Ads. This time its about general themes you should consider in order to boost CTR and conversion rate, whether your ads are on Google, a general website, or on social media.

The other thing I want to mention is that this advice includes both click through and conversion rate. Too often articles focus on one or the other. But if you want to take people from seeing your ad all the way through to purchasing then you need to consider both. There’s no point in having a great CTR because you promise the world, only to see poor conversions when customers can’t get the great deal they were hoping for.

First. Your product, benefits and price need to be identical on your ad, your landing page and throughout your sales process. So many ads tempt clicks with an amazing price that the customer simply can’t redeem onsite. Now a high price clearly won’t invite clicks, but those that do will have clear expectations about what they will have to pay to purchase the product.

Second, a really general one. Lead with your killer benefit. Tell people the best way your product will make their lives better. So many ads, whether that’s online or in a magazine, start off by talking about the features of their product, rather than how those features can benefit the buyer. Customers don’t care about features, they just want to know what problems you will solve. Other brands lead with their company name. Now unless your company name is in itself a benefit, because it has a well known reputation for looking after customers, the company name should be left in the background.

Third: Make sure your ads are in the right context. Make sure you reach your target audience in an environment that is relevant to your product. For example, you might be able to target small business owners on a site related to filing tax returns, but if your product is completely unrelated – such as office equipment – they’re not going to be in a receptive frame of mind. The offer is out of context. You need to target people when they will be considering issues relevant to what you do.

Fourth. Include an offer. Make it value related – either offering more of your product for the standard price, or cutting the price. And if you are cutting the price, then make that cut significant – not less than 20%. The offer will be the single biggest element to boost your ad’s chance of getting noticed. So make it big and bold – the primary message of your ad.

Fifth. Make it clear that your product is specifically made just for them. If people think something is made to measure, that perfectly suits their needs, that has been designed with them in mind, they will be more likely to buy. There’s a few ways of doing this. If you have can include an image then use a photo that matches your audience’s persona. With text, communicate the fact that your product is ‘for accountants’ or ‘for busy dads’.

6th. Use the Fear of Missing Out. FOMO is a key motivator in getting people to click and buy. You need to create the impression that action needs to be taken now or never. So words like ‘hurry’ or ‘only a few left’ or ‘offer ends soon’ or ‘last few remaining’ can significantly increase the likelihood of a click and purchase.

And that’s your Swift Six – the 6 ways you can get better click through and conversion rate. I’ll see you next time.