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Alexandra Gavril

Alexandra Gavril is a web copywriter or as she describes herself “a recovering journalist”. Since joining the 123-reg team, she has been covering subjects on our blog from search engine optimisation to choosing the perfect domain for your website.

Posts by Alexandra Gavril:

How (and why) to use Twitter lists to grow your business


If you’re using Twitter but not Twitter lists, you’re missing out on a fantastic tool to monitor interesting conversations, spy on your competitors, cultivate new connections, and interact with the right people – all without wasting time sifting through feeds. In this post we’ll walk you through what a Twitter list is, how you can…

Google’s new advanced verification process and what it means for your business


Google told its top contributors, including Mike Blumenthal, that they are testing a new spam prevention technique for local results called “advanced verification”. The verification process is currently being beta tested in San Diego and only for locksmiths and plumbers. All locksmiths and plumbers currently verified on Google will have to go through the new…

Google to penalise mobile sites using intrusive pop-ups


For some time now, Google’s mission has been to make it easy for users to access information while on the go. They’ve encouraged sites to be mobile-friendly by sharing  information and tools to help site owners figure out what makes a good mobile site. So it’s no surprise that now they’re taking a stand against…

Eight steps to getting started with social media

social media icons feat

As a small business owner, you need social media to develop your reputation and to grow your business. You need it to help you become part of the conversation on the social web, to hear what’s being said about you and to deal with negative perceptions about your brand. But if you don’t have a…

The real-time Penguin algorithm is finally here!


It’s official. After a nearly two-year wait, Google has finally launched the long-anticipated Penguin update. This is the fourth major release and most likely the last of this type, as Google now says Penguin is a real-time signal processed within its core search algorithm. What does this mean for site owners? Read on to find…

Eight quick SEO techniques that you can use right now

seo techniques

People who succeed with search engine optimisation (SEO) do two things very well: Firstly, they identify and implement the key SEO techniques that will pay off big down the road. Secondly, they know that SEO doesn’t always have to be difficult and time-consuming. Sometimes it’s the quick, little things that can turn the needle when…

The beginner’s guide to Snapchat for small businesses


Even if you’ve invested lots of time and resources into building a reputation on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you may be missing out on one of the fastest growing platforms available. If you’re not familiar with Snapchat, perhaps it’s time to get acquainted. A few years ago, Snapchat was simply a way to share short-lived…