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Alexandra Gavril

Alexandra Gavril is a web copywriter or as she describes herself “a recovering journalist”. Since joining the 123-reg team, she has been covering subjects on our blog from search engine optimisation to choosing the perfect domain for your website.

Posts by Alexandra Gavril:

What small businesses need to know about Google’s quality update


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Google quality update feat

At the beginning of May 2015, thousands of webmasters noticed significant changes in their Google rankings – some rising, some falling. Search marketers speculated it might have to do with Panda, Penguin or a new Google update. However, Google later announced that the temporary search volatility wasn’t Panda-related. It took some time before Google officially…

Ten tools to find great content to share on social media


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social media tools feat

Sharing great content with your audience can be an effective way to deliver value and to establish yourself as a reliable resource. But what if you’re short on time and just don’t have an hour or two to browse the web for content? Finding content is easy. Everyone creates and shares content online these days.…

Six ways to market your small business on less than £100 a month


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For big brands with massive advertising budgets, £100 is just a drop in their monthly marketing budget. But for small business owners, every pound counts. What’s more, any investment needs to pay off in immediate marketing return on investment (ROI). So can a small business owner successfully market their business online with as little as…

Six vital metrics for measuring the success of your SEO


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measure SEO feat

If you’re new to search engine optimisation (SEO) or in the early stages of optimising your website, it may be tempting to latch on to metrics that are either misleading or not as important as they once were. So, how do you know that your SEO strategy is a winner? How do you know what’s…

15 crucial marketing slide decks


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marketing slideshare

A great visual social network – and one that probably flies under the radar compared to other social platforms – is SlideShare. It hosts a plethora of slide decks where you can find big ideas and helpful strategies condensed into simple, succinct slides. If you’re short on time, these slide decks are an excellent way…

What to post on Facebook to get noticed


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facebook attention

Every brand out there is competing for our attention on Facebook. But if you’re a small business owner, you’re not only competing against other businesses that provide services similar to yours, but also against family and friends whose status update is right above your brand’s update in the newsfeed. Jay Baer, American marketing consultant, asks…

Where marketing and customer service collide


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marketing customer care

Every business out there is investing time and money into getting their brand and products in front of their target audience. Stats show that marketers are expected to spend $540 billion (£353 billion) globally on advertising in 2015, with significantly bigger budgets allocated to digital advertising compared to previous years. In addition, the majority of marketers…

Six mistakes in SEO copywriting


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seo copy

One of the biggest challenges that site owners and marketers face is having to write content that’s not only optimised for search engines, but that will also appeal to people. That’s what search engine optimised (SEO) copywriting is about: creating content that ranks well in search engine results pages, builds authority for your brand and…

The beginner’s guide to Webmaster Tools


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You may have a beautifully designed website filled with loads of useful content, but how do you know that it’s in tip-top shape? How do you know if in fact it doesn’t have tens of 404 not found errors (a result of broken or dead links) that your visitors keep landing on or if tens…