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Doing amazing things with Microsoft Kinect


Regular readers might remember that we’ve mentioned Microsoft’s impressive new games controller, Kinect, before – and might even recall that we gave one away in last year’s Christmas competition. If...

Wimbledon? Yep, there’s an app for that too


You’ve probably noticed that this is a particularly sport-filled June. Not only is the football in full-swing, but the annual strawberries-and-creamathon that is Wimbledon has opened its doors too. Where...

How to write great sales copy


Previously, we looked at how to write good copy for the web. In the latest of our videos, I’ve ventured in front of the camera to give you a quick...

Video: Writing your web copy

Welcome to the first in a new regular series on our blog… video guides! We’ll try to keep them short and to the point, and more often than not, they’ll...