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The rise of social media not only gives you the chance to reach a wider audience with your affiliate links, but also the chance to differentiate how you offer the products of the affiliate scheme you are signed up to compared to fellow affiliates.

It needn’t be just about re-tweeting the offers of your merchant provider. In fact the greater unique content you offer, the more likely your audience and engagement with them will grow. With that will come more click-throughs and hopefully more money.

As an affiliate you naturally have to ‘tell’ the story of your merchant and that’s something you can’t forget. Social media offers some great tools for that too. Using software such as HootSuite you can schedule pre-written tweets to go out at certain times – perfect for tweeting about the latest offers. It means you can still ‘run’ your affiliate marketing scheme in your spare time but to the world you can look busy during normal working hours and tweeting during those hours when more are online you are likely to pick up more click-throughs too.

However, social media really comes into its own in developing ways of making sure your affiliate links get clicked instead of those of a fellow affiliate. Via Twitter it is easy to offer your audience the links to the great offers provided by your merchant, but you can also mix that up with other relevant industry information. In this way you offer more reason for potential customers to follow you – pure sales tweets never entice many in, but interesting content does. Good content spreads across Twitter like wildfire and usually retains the attribution from where it came from too, so people can find you and come and see what else you are tweeting about.

Taking it to the full, that could mean setting up a website that has engaging blogs, or even expert guest bloggers alongside your affiliate links and pods. Yet, you needn’t got that far. Just engaging via Twitter; helping others where you can, tweeting useful articles and combining them with winning offers, will give you credibility and authority on your topic. That brings greater following, greater trust and more than likely, greater click-through and affiliate earnings.

If you’ve not yet tested the water with Twitter, give it a go now. The best way to find out how social media will work with the way you do business is by giving it a try and learning ‘on the job’, so don’t be shy.

Do you use social media to increase your affiliate activity? What have you found most useful?

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