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Warm weather no barrier to e-commerce

The latest figures from the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index suggest that mobile technology and the desire simply to shop more online means even hotter days and more time outside didn’t stall the growth of e-commerce in April this year. With the Royal Wedding, a bumper-pack of bank holidays and plenty of sunshine, there was [...]

How good reviews might boost your organic ranking

The importance of generating positive reviews have always been important. Whether on your own website or on third party reviews sites, these reassure hesitant shoppers and give them the confidence to buy. Reviews became even more important earlier this year when Google decided to start including them within AdWords creative. And now it seems like [...]

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Do tablets ease the pain?

With Blackberry launching their Playbook tablet in the UK next month, the push for businesses to invest in tablets is  on. Blackberry’s offering will no doubt prove popular with the business market where it has a strong following on the back of its smartphone range. The Playbook also appears to have everything a business-user may [...]

Roll over blogging and Twitter – Here comes Tumblr

Tumblr has been around since 2007 but in the last year or so has made a massive in-roads into the social-networking sphere as particularly the younger generation flock to take advantage of its micro blogging functions. If you’ve not seen Tumblr before it’s kind of Twitter meets a blog. A short blog that can often [...]

A domain name can last a lifetime

Once you’ve got the domain name you want, you probably won’t want to let it go. And holding on to it’s even more important if you’re running a website or business – or simply rely on it for your email. Our domain name – – is 11 years old at the end of May. [...]

What’s that splodge mean?

As a tech-savvy lot, many of you will already know what a QR code is or at least what it does, but as more and more advertisers turn to using it in print and even TV ads, we thought we’d try and come up with a short post of what, when, how and why QR [...]

Getting online – whatever your age

The other day I was in a supermarket, helping out with the weekly shop and grabbing an hour or so away from my online world, when I spotted something I supposed I shouldn’t have been surprised at, but did make me double-take. Further down the tea and coffee aisle, a lady of more mature years [...]

How to grow overseas with the help of Google

Selling overseas is not easy. You need to identify the right market; create localised versions of your website; change your ads so they appeal to locals; create localised distribution; and find out how to reach potential customers with your message. Introducing Google Ads for Global Advertisers To help out business looking to expand to overseas [...]

Getting a grip of reality?

Well The Apprentice has already set the Twittersphere alight, with the contestants seemingly chosen for their ‘character’ rather than their business credibility. With that comes the questions over the sanity of those who apply and take part. Yet, if a quirky state of mind is a requirement for selection on The BBC’s biggest reality show, [...]

That’s the way the Cookie crumbles

The European Union’s amended Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive comes into force in just over a week on 26th May 2011. With it comes a much under-reported change in the way web administrators can use the information they collect about their visitors. It what has been labelled ‘the cookie law’ the directive has yet to [...]