Tim Fuell

Tim Fuell is a former investigative journalist and qualified lawyer, turned social media fanatic who now oversees the 123-reg blog. After writing his Masters thesis on the topic of cybersquatting back in 1998, he has seen the internet develop before his eyes from dial-up bulletin boards to the beast it is today.

Posts by Tim Fuell:

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Matching Generations: Maximising Potential

The internet creates many possibilities but also presents new barriers for a great deal of people too. Yet, studies show that those who embrace the internet and social media marketing have greater success in business than those who have yet to adopt them. Those not taking advantage of the online opportunities out there risk falling [...]


Why the now stream hasn’t killed the blog?

If certain articles in newspapers and rumours on Twitter are true, this should really be the last blog I write… but it won’t be. Blogging is not dead. Just as when blogging came along and gained success an people claimed newspapers and magazines were dead. Admittedly, amongst increased competition in a multi-platform environment readerships and [...]

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It pays to think – Why taking 5 to contemplate will get better results

Every decision you make has an impact on the things that follow. A sliding-door moment, a what-if, influence of fate… whatever you call it, making that decision, however small, could have far-reaching consequences, so it pays to make sure that the decision is made to the best of your ability. Acting on a hunch or [...]

Show you are human and win human followers

Social media is full of boasts about this number of followers and that number of followers, but the people that do best in social media are those not with the largest number of robotic or virtual followers, but those with the largest number of human and engaged followers. How do you engage human followers? By [...]

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Domain-ating the news – How your domain could hit the headlines

What’s the first thing you do when you hear a news story on the radio, tv or perhaps overhear a conversation that interests you? Google it? Whether it is Google or another search engine, the chances are you use your smartphone, tablet or possibly laptop or desktop to search for the keyword you just heard. [...]

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Get off the fence and into the debate – Why social needs opinion

Imagine your social media as the voice of your business. It’s your one real chance to reach out to everybody across the world – even if they have never heard of you and were never looking to find you. How you use and present your social media says much about your business too. It helps [...]

Influencers in Google+

There’s more to Google+ than just a central login

Despite the backing of probably the most powerful force in all things internet, Google+ to many is still often the forgotten child in terms of social media, especially for businesses. Yet, whilst it hasn’t the mass-appeal of Facebook and Twitter nor seemingly even the young-guns like Instagram and Pinterest, Google+ is important, if not essential [...]

Measure up?

How am I doing socially? 6 free ways to measure social media impact

The thing about social media whether for business or personal use is it brings out the show-off in you. Whether it is sharing a photograph of where you’ve been or who you’ve been with, or just a text comment sharing your thoughts, you’ve done so in the hope that somebody else will read it and [...]


The Content Window – February 2014

Despite being the shortest month of the year, February’s 123-Reg Content Hub was packed full of advice, hints and tips for people looking to do business online. Here’s a quick round-up of some of the things you may have missed : http://youtu.be/TvrRrdWF_0I