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Tim Fuell is a former investigative journalist and qualified lawyer, turned social media fanatic who now oversees the 123-reg blog. After writing his Masters thesis on the topic of cybersquatting back in 1998, he has seen the internet develop before his eyes from dial-up bulletin boards to the beast it is today. You can find Tim on Google+

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Great .scot ! A highland domain


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Image: Domdeen via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The latest new gTLD to hit the market is the Scotland promoting .scot domain and is somewhat different from the stream of other domains that have been hitting the market. .scot is run by the Dot Scot Registry incorporated in Scotland as a not-for-profit company and has been created and will be run as a community to

Social credibility: What is it and why you need it


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Even if you are least ego-driven person in the world, how others perceive you is one the most important elements of your sales kit. If people haven’t heard of you or want to know more about you, what’s the first thing they do? … Look you up online. We all do it. See a celebrity

6 Ted Talks to inspire better working practices


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Better working practices mean better productivity, mean less stress and more profit. Why wouldn’t you want to find out how to improve? Thanks to the abundance of great insight, expert advice and general inspirational content, TED talks offers a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Here’s six of the best not just on different tactics

Digital High Street: An infographic


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The Digital High Street

The wealth of new gTLDs means the Digital High Street is definitely here. The very same shops, businesses and services that create the buzz of the physical high street in your town can be re-created on the world wide web. Thanks to new gLTDs businesses traditionally frightened of moving online can now do so with

Social media – It’s not rocket science


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Image: SupaKitMod / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

If you are yet to be converted to the wonders of social media, don’t worry you are not alone. Whether it is the fear of the unknown, the reluctance to follow trends or simply you feel happier with the status quo, you are perfectly entitled to your opinion. However, with the growth of social business,

Is the latest ‘one more thing’ enough to sustain Apple growth?


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One More Thing

As Apple ‘launches’ go, it was one of the busiest in terms of new lines and options: This opening video, presenting Apple’s core values certainly got the fans buzzing at the opening of the keynote address: Then came the unveiling: A new smartphone with two sizes of screen and each with three size options of

London – The greatest city on Earth?


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© @timfuell via Instagram

According to Price Waterhouse Cooper’s “Cities of Opportunity” Index published in May 2014, London is the best city in the world. A place where economic clout and gateways to opportunity help its citizens achieve a better quality of life and have access to tools that can really change the world and make a difference to

The rights & wrongs of social media automation


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Image courtesy of Boians Cho Joo Young, at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

There are indeed rights and wrongs in social media automation. The first question you may want to address is ‘should you be automating your social media at all’? In my opinion there, the answer is a resounding yes. Social media is a 24/7 thing, especially with global connections, and even the most committed of social

Doing better business online in the UK


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We’ve spent the last few weeks travelling up, down and around the country with our .uk roadshow helping people doing better business online. As well as finding out about the value of the new short and snappy .uk domain name, those lucky enough to attend one of our presentation days were treated to some expert insight

Social networks: Getting customers to your online shop


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Social networks like Twitter and Facebook are increasingly influencing your customers’ purchasing habits. Consumers enjoy referring to products and their latest purchases. Take advantage of this. In this post, we’ll offer you some tips to help you direct visitors from social networks to your online shop, acquire new customers and establish a loyal customer base.