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Tim Fuell is a former investigative journalist and qualified lawyer, turned social media fanatic who now oversees the 123-reg blog. After writing his Masters thesis on the topic of cybersquatting back in 1998, he has seen the internet develop before his eyes from dial-up bulletin boards to the beast it is today. You can find Tim on Google+

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6 tips to make remote working work for you


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Cloud openings

Being able to avoid the length commute, especially on days when the weather is at its extremes, or you have work-life balance commitments to keep is an incredible productivity enhancer. However, working from home can also very easily an very quickly have an adverse effect on your productivity too. Here’s six tips on ensuring you

Be more successful and still enjoy your summer


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still enjoy the summmer

Summertime and the living is easy…. Hmm perhaps it is if you are lucky enough to be off on a beach holiday or a relaxing vacation, but for most of us – even those with a break in their diary, summertime can often mean a stressful time. Skeleton staff, covering colleagues, warm days that test

The Content Window – Hub round up June 2014


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123-reg Content Hub June 2014

That’s mid-way through the year! June 2014, so memorable for so many things but what did you see, miss or remember on the 123-reg Content Hub? Here’s Tim Fuell’s quick round-up of the highlights from last month:     Mentioned in this month’s round-up: Swift Six: How to identify problems with your website How online is

Social Share – What’s new in social media – June 2014


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social media - social share

With the events of the football world cup attracting lots of comments and banter, social media has never been as busy. Social media is playing a more important role in our personal and business lives on a daily basis, so what’s new this month? Slingshot makes visuals more social Another new apps and another new

Flexible Working – Getting rights right


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Image: Vlado / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

From Monday (30th June 2014) new flexible working rights come into effect which could have a massive impact on the way we work and even our view of what constitutes work is. The changes in rights mean that every employee regardless of whether they have caring responsibilities for children or other relatives, have a right

Six articles to read before the month is out – June 2014


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6 articles to read before the month is out

Did anybody else notice how that little bit of sunshine seemed to make the month so much more pleasant? People being nice to one another, deals progressing and new networks created. Whether June 2014 has been memorable for your yet or not, here’s a chance to make a difference and learn something that could change

Brand: New domain – The value of brand protection


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Image: Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Your brand value forms the basis of your customer’s belief in your company. What it does, how it does it and often why it does it too. It is about what you stand for as a company. A strong brand means you have authority and respectability. You can usually charge a little bit more with

Content Marketing in real-time – Being ready for the now stream


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Content Marketing in Real-time

It’s happening before our very eyes. The way we create content, find content, absorb content is all about the now. Sticky content is still important but if you are to drive people to that content you need to be actively engaged in social media and being actively engaged in social means being ready for the

How online is changing our shopping habits


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Changing the way we shop

A new consumer survey from eDigital Research suggests that online shopping has changed the way we shop. The survey suggests that the days of the impulse buy in particular could be numbered, with online buyers using the convenience of favourites to re-order regular groceries, which in turn is seeing lower basket sizes as people just

Why Beta is once again Better – Testing the market


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Beta Test

In the early days of software and IT services, beta-testing was all the rage. Then it wasn’t and now it certainly seems to be the ‘new’ thing. When out of fashion, beta-testing never really went away, but was confined to a room – sometimes virtual room – of geeks who often had nothing better to