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In every job that must be done there is an element of fun…

…You find the fun and ‘snap’ the job’s a game. So sang Mary Poppins when trying to entice the young Jane and Michael Banks in her care to get with her programme and now the same could inspire you to business success. This article from US entrepreneur Natalie Peace, applies some of the most memorable [...]

Social Media School Report?

The internet and especially the social media world is full of infographics, some of varying quality and most covering the same old topics. Every now and then however, we come across one a little bit different and this is one of those. The Social Media High School Yearbook from is a pretty good attempt at [...]

What bloggers see, bloggers say.

The events of unrest, rioting and looting across major cities in the UK have had plenty of media coverage both home and abroad. In an interesting role-swap, some of the most insightful commentary has come not from the UK online community but those in the Arab world, who just a few months themselves were leading [...]

Social media is nothing new

A blog today from the Harvard Business Review suggests that the art of brand building via social media was first mooted 50 years ago. David Aaker the author of Brand Relevance: Making Competitors Irrelevant reveals that Ernest Dichter, the father of motivation research, did a large study of word of mouth persuasion that was reported [...]

Facebook for blogging?

We’ve discussed the possibility of Facebook becoming the hub for ecommerce in the future and now one leading blogger is experimenting with Facebook as the home for his blog. Paul Bradshaw is a reader in online journalism at Birmingham City University, and a Visiting Professor at City University’s School of Journalism in London and is [...]

Blogging can open doors

With setting up a blog via 123-apps so easy nowadays we thought this article we found on the Guardian website this week may offer some inspiration. It appears that cookery and food publishers are turning to food bloggers and making them the next wave of published cooks. It makes sense too. Via a blog you [...]

Social shouldn’t just mean virtual

Yesterday, was one of those days when you can hear those Eureka moments happen in your head at regular intervals. I was at BlogCamp London run by Tots100 in connection with Talk Talk and hosted at the very comfortable and impressive Talk Talk Customer Experience Centre in Soho, London. Now I’ve been to loads of [...]

Social Media and the bigger picture

If ever glance at those job ads you see down the side of many webpages you will have noticed an increased number of positions with ‘social media’ in the title. The fact is social media is – or should be – an integral part of every business but too often, even those advertising for ‘social [...]

Too much hype about IP?

Thinking of launching a hate campaign against a rival? Or illegally downloading copyright-protected films via the internet? If you believe Hollywood or even some quasi-government spin then you’d think that the police can reliably trace suspects via their IP addresses. Well apparently they can, but not necessarily with any accuracy. We obviously don’t want to [...]

Innovation in Social Media marketing

If you still needed convincing that the way marketeers are using social media is ever changing then check Jennifer Whitehead’s blog on Revolution’s The Wall blogosphere. She writes “after recommending to a friend via Twitter that she read David Mitchell’s latest novel, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, I was tweeted at by the [...]