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Women lead the way in engagement

The battle of sexes continues in the virtual world and it’s the fairer sex that leads the way according to the latest report from Nielsen. STATE OF THE MEDIA SPRING 2012 – ADVERTISING & AUDIENCES PART 2: BY DEMOGRAPHIC released today is a US-centric study on who is engaging and where and it throws up [...]

Are you Olympic proof?

Love them or loathe them the London Olympics are set to have an impact on everything we do this summer and with just over three months to go until “London 2012” the impact on business is beginning to become clear. UK parcel delivery companies are already preparing to cope with traffic flow issues across the [...]

Nominet Awards deadline extended – last few days!

Last month we gave you a heads up about the pending closing date of the Nominet Awards 2012 being April 12th… well if you missed it you are in luck. The deadline has been extended by a few more days and entries now close on April 16th (on Monday). So don’t delay,  get your application [...]

Have you got your Nominet Awards nomination in?

There’s less than a month left for entry submissions to the Nominet Internet Awards so what are you waiting for? The annual awards recognise and raise awareness of UK businesses, charities, individuals and public and private sector organisations that are making a difference on, or through, the internet. Every year the awards highlight the great [...]

It’s only as safe as you are

Today is Safer Internet Day. Every year, Insafe – a European network of Awareness Centres promoting safe, responsible use of the Internet and mobile devices to young people – organise Safer Internet Day to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people. This year’s theme [...]

Enjoy the next year it ‘Mayan’ be the last

Goodbye. Or at least possibly goodbye in 12 months time. Not that we want to go, but December 21st 2012 is the end of the calendar, there are no more dates beyond this. The ancient Mayan civilization, who once had an empire stretching from Central Mexico to Guatemala, pretty much invented the calendar system – [...]

Freelancers doing it together

There may be a sort of irony in those who have chosen the freelance way of life joining together but freelancing is more about efficiency and work-life balance than working on your own. Today is the third annual National Freelancers Day celebrating the freelance way of work and in current economic times it is an [...]

#GEWUK Entrepreneurs creating the conversation

10 million people are expected to take part in this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week  which begins today, 40,000 events in 104 countries have been organised, suggesting there’s quite a few committed to addressing the current global economic crisis by getting out there and just doing it themselves. “Every business starts with a conversation. Start yours [...]

Mumpreneurs are leading the way

If ever the politicians needed an example of how British resolve will pull the country clear of these sad ecomomic times, they needn’t look much further than the working mum (or dad). It sounds clichéd but most parents would do anything for their kids and whereas once that used to be taking on a couple [...]

The future of media is online

News this week reaches us of world records being broken by a Norwegian online travel documentary, which suggests demand for online video is across a diverse audience and that includes live streaming. Non-stop live coverage has been streamed of a voyage (over 134 hours) by cruise ship MS Nordnorge operated by Norwegian firm Hurtigruten from [...]