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If you missed our Google Town Hall event…

By Tim Fuell - February 20, 2014

Last week 123-reg hosted a very successful event at Google Town Hall with an array of experts from inside our business and beyond offering insight and tips on doing better business online. If you missed it, or want to enjoy some of those gems of wisdom again, here are the five presentations in glorious Google vision.

The changing face of domains and new gTLDs

Matt Mansell, Group Managing Director at Host Europe Group and 123-reg, talks about the future of domain names including the launch of thousand of new gTLDs that could change the way people use domains. Matt explains how domain registration works and how new domains come to life plus how the new launches and future launches of the new generic Top-Level domains may affect you an your business.  Will the popular domains become those related industry terms, locations or brands and which of those new domains like .london, .guru, .ninja, .xyz will become the biggest success? Matt also highlights the need to register your interest now before it’s too late and of domain registrars like 123-reg offering “no win, no fee”.

Business Networking for Dummies

Stefan Thomas, Network Director of 4Networking and author of Business Networking for Dummies, shares his best tips on joining up your online and offline networking. How to connect with people both online and offline is essential to your business success and Stefan shares his own experiences of fear and the unknown to help you get the most of your own networking experience. Thinking about your Unique Selling Point, how you share and sell that at networking events and how you can extend your message across social media like G+, LinkedIn and Twitter to help people to make the decision to buy from you. Stefan’s best tips come on how to follow up with people after an event – possibly the most important step for successful networking.

Online marketing on a shoestring budget

Nick Leech, Group Marketing Director at Host Europe Group, talks about the online marketing that you can do that costs next to nothing except for the time that you have. In this interesting presentation nick highlights marketing techniques to raise the awareness of your website, drive traffic hopefully drive more sales. Content marketing is key – creating interesting content (words, images, video) in order to get people to talk about your business and link to your website.

How to convince your website visitors to buy from you

Barney Grossman, is a conversion specialist at 123-reg who shares his tips on how to convince your website visitors to buy from you. What is it that is stopping people from buying from your website or contacting you, and how can you change that. Barney talks about User Experience which he describes as “what makes an unhappy visitor happy”. Keeping your website problem-free, easy to navigate and simple will help you convince customers you’re trustworthy.

The digital revolution

Richard Robinson, Director at Google, focuses his talk on navigating the digital revolution. With insights into current and future trends that are going to impact how we act as consumers and as businesses it’s a fascinating presentation.

We’re hoping to run a few more events like this in the coming months, so keep an eye on your inbox for that all-important invite.