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Today is StartUp Britain’s #STARTUPDAY! Their aim is to celebrate the ever-increasing contribution that start-ups make to the British economy and we think that’s a pretty good thing to be celebrating. The StartUp Britain bus, has been travelling the nation spreading entrepreneurial spirit for the last four weeks since we saw it at Youth Enterprise Live. It arrives at the British Library for the next couple of days so if you are in London, get along. There are also a series of events being organised by StartUp Britain Local Champions. Whether you can make an organised event or not though, here’s six ways you could play your part in getting the British economy going once again:

1. Help a start-up

If you are not a start-up yourself that doesn’t mean you can’t be involved. Just giving your business to a new start-up goes a long way to helping them develop as a business. Better still if you have some business skills why not offer them about for free. Networking is key in the current business world and if you can do a favour for a startup who knows where it may lead.

2. Fund a start-up

Finance, or lack of it, is probably the biggest barrier facing would be entrepreneurs at present yet there are more and more innovative schemes offering people the chance to link and find investment and others find investable opportunities. The trendy way is via a crowdfunding scheme where businesses invite interested people to invest relative small sums in their projects in return for small gifts or the like. Recently US-success Kickstarter launched its UK specific site but there are plenty of others like CrowdCube and WeFund if you can’t find a suitable project to invest in at first.

3. Start a start-up

Feeling empowered and inspired? Launching your own start-up needn’t be as daunting as it sounds. There is plenty of advice and guidance available on the StartUp Britain site and here at 123-reg we  have solutions for a whole range of online operations whatever your technical knowledge.

4. Donate a product or service

Money is tight for everyone, but if  you can donate something that is already part of your own offerings you can minimise that cost also boost your own customer base. Getting an up and coming business using your services or products can be a great way to increase your own brand awareness too as they are more likely to pick up some press coverage than your own business if you have been going longer, it’s the nature of the beast. The recipient will no doubt be more than grateful and keen to recognise you and name-check in any interviews too.

5. Mentor a new business

If you really want to help a business grow into a success, giving them the benefit of your wisdom and experience is the greatest gift you can give. We’ve all made mistakes in business and helping others avoid those is not only rewarding for you but also benefits the growing business. Being a mentor needn’t be massively time-consuming either. Often it is just being on the end of a line for a second opinion or as a sounding post. A mentor doesn’t interfere with the  other person’s business either, you are there to share knowledge, skills, information and put it all in perspective. The idea is to foster the personal and the professional growth of the person or persons you are mentoring.

6. Re-tweet a start-up

If you really don’t have much time or spare investment then just a simple message of encouragement for a new start-up can be a wonderful thing. We all like being told what we are doing is good, so in the early days of worrying if you are doing the right thing, a message of support from those already doing it can give a big lift. A tweet is the quickest and most public way of achieving that.

Get Involved – Tweet #StartUpDay with what you plan to do and don’t forget to tag @123reg in there too.

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