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Download-and-go free website templates

High quality free templates have become so hard to find in the past years as more web designers are selling premium themes instead of giving away free ones. Most of the times it’s just like searching for a needle in a haystack. Just run a search on Google for free WordPress templates, for instance, and [...]

6 Tips on Colour for Web Designers

If ever there was a single factor in web design that could alienate or entrance a client in one hit, it is colour. Colour schemes are incredibly emotive things and have many connotations to different people so here are 6 tips to try and help you get it right first time. 1. Ask the client [...]

What’s that splodge mean?

As a tech-savvy lot, many of you will already know what a QR code is or at least what it does, but as more and more advertisers turn to using it in print and even TV ads, we thought we’d try and come up with a short post of what, when, how and why QR [...]

So good they don’t even need the name?

Coffee giant Starbucks this week unveiled a new logo. Not entirely new, the same ‘lady’ in the middle of the old logo remains, they have just stripped the outer green circle that had the Starbucks’ name in it. It is a big step to show trust in their brand recognition. The same green is easily [...]

Finding inspiration for your web designs

Starting a new design can be a very daunting prospect. There you are, sat in front of a blank Photoshop or Fireworks canvas, knowing that your client wants something fresh, unique and professional.