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It pays to think – Why taking 5 to contemplate will get better results

Every decision you make has an impact on the things that follow. A sliding-door moment, a what-if, influence of fate… whatever you call it, making that decision, however small, could have far-reaching consequences, so it pays to make sure that the decision is made to the best of your ability. Acting on a hunch or [...]

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Why do I have to answer so many questions just to speak to you?

Even modern life, with its greater immediacy, better efficiency and wide access, can be incredibly frustrating. As if remembering a vault full of different passwords isn’t difficult enough, when we do finally get a chance to speak to a human being, often on the end of the phone, we are faced with a barrage of [...]

123-reg Content Window - January 2014

The Content Window – Hub round-up from January 2014

We’re already zipping through the year and there’s so much you may have missed on the 123-Reg Content Hub offer in January 2014. This month’s hub round-up video showcases pieces about SEO and the syndication of content; the importance of multi-media in your online marketing; a  man performing for elephants as well as some essential [...]

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Make sure you don’t fall foul of spam filters

The junk folder. The name says it all. Discarded like a piece of old rubbish, sometimes never to be seen again. Yet, miss an email could be a fatal error, especially when rectifying it is so easy.

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Inspirational books for your Christmas list

Christmas will be fast upon us and if all else fails a good book is always a great xmas present idea, either for you or for friends and family. Looking for something a little bit different to inspire a wannabe entrepreneur or business tycoon? Here’s some of the best we’ve come across that we think will provide the right balance of inspiration and advice:

Are you out of your depth?

© Photographer: Rob Bouwman Agency: The trouble with running a business is when it’s good it’s very good and when it’s bad it’s very bad and just like rowing around the UK like these guys recently did, when it’s bad you can often feel completely out of control. Yet, just as those world record [...]

Renewals: Reviewed and Renewed

As you may have noticed, we’ve recently changed the renewal reminder process to make it as simple for our customers as possible. Our updates, tweaks and changes are based on your feedback and your own suggestions so hopefully the process is more logical and practical. Our renewals system has always been designed to provide the [...]

Fancy joining our team of guest bloggers?

Here at 123-reg we are always keen to expand our knowledge and that of our customers so we are constantly on the hunt for new guest bloggers willing to share their expertise and insight. If you fancy writing a guest blog for us why not check out our 123-reg Blog Contributors Guide  If you want [...]

How to choose a browser

Gone are the days where we all lived with the default install, the internet is where many of us spend the majority of our time these days so user an interface (browser) that connects how you want it to is important. Consider it a bit like choosing a house or an office, you want to [...]

The importance of being earnest – Why focus is the key to success

Being earnest in business is the most important lesson you could ever learn. Giving your business the importance it deserves and treating it to the serious attention it demands is the only true route to success. Striving on the road to success it can be very easy to lose sight of your goal. It is [...]