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Everything you need to know about Google’s EMD update

As you probably know, last week Google’s head of webspam, Matt Cutts, announced a “minor” change to Google’s algorithm. Its purpose is to reduce the number of low-quality exact match domains (EMD) in search results. EMDs are domains that include keywords that match a search query perfectly. If you own an exact or partial-match domain, [...]

123-reg Reliability and Value helps to Drive Growth at my1login

Launched in March 2012, Scotland based password manager my1login is making a name for itself as internet users switch onto the critical need to protect their online passwords. The company, which uses 123-reg for domain, hosting and email services, has been making serious strides in the technology sector, with CEO Michael Newman interviewed on the BBC’s online [...]

Web Hosting Glossary

Web hosting can be at bit overwhelming at times, so we’ve compiled a short glossary of the terms which regularly confuse our customers. If there are any words you feel we’ve missed, please leave them in the comment field and we’ll add them to the glossary. A Record – An A record is part of [...]

Get your pay per click advertising questions answered

In our first Q&A, we asked for your questions about search engine optimisation. And we answered a couple of the most interesting ones – on password protected content and Google PageRank. This time round, we’re bringing in a search engine advertising expert from Euston Digital to answer your questions on pay per click advertising. Pay [...]

What is Google PageRank, and does it matter?

Last month we asked you two send us your questions about search engine optimisation. Here’s the second in our series of answers. As before, I spoke to one of the SEO experts behind InstantTraffic, our SEO service, to get a comprehensive answer. What is Google PageRank all about? Ian Ripper from Wheatland Farm sent us [...]

All my content is for members only. How do I get ranked on Google?

A couple of weeks back I asked you to submit your questions on search engine optimisation. There was a decent response and I’ve now picked a few which we’ll answer individually over the next few days. To make sure we’re giving out the best information we can, I spoke to one of the SEO experts [...]

Feeling stumped? Ask your SEO questions here

As it’s 2009 (a New Year and all that) we’ve decided to introduce a new feature to the blog. We’re going to run a regular Q&A piece, offering advice about building websites, running a business, choosing domain names … all the usual stuff we cover on here. But this time we’re inviting you to send [...]