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Matt Mansell Interview: Why Having the Right Domain is Decisive

Matt is the founder and CEO of, which was acquired by the Host Europe Group in May 2012. On joining the Group Matt was appointed ‘Head of Domain Strategy’ and is now responsible for managing its international domain portfolio and strategic development. When Matt founded in 2006, he had a vision for a [...]

Looking for a graduate jobs? Get a head start with online help

According to research from Independent Data Services, in 2010 there were 44 applicants for every graduate vacancy – an increase of about 25% on 2009. This year could be the same or worse, as people who weren’t able to secure a job last year give it another go. Statistics like this hardly make good reading [...]

Students: what happens when graduate employers Google your name?

Any final year students out there? Have you started getting into that tricky job hunting phase yet, when the need to find some way of earning a bit of post-university cash starts jostling for attention alongside revision and making the most of your remaining university months? It’s not that long since some of us here [...]