With sales of Android phones shooting through the roof, many expected the Android market to be awash with new dotcom millionaires by now…but it’s not.

The uptake on android-based tablets has also been lower than expected. Many tablets have been designed with Android 3.0 at their heart and with the Android Market awash with thousands of Android 2.x applications it was expected that tablet sales would drive more to design for the more advanced operating system too and make the most of tablet capabilities. It’s not.

In fact, despite the java-based Android platform having more programmers qualified to serve it than Apple’s unique platform, it still appears the iPad is outstripping Android tablets certainly in terms of specifically designed apps that use the full capabilities of the tablets.

Yet the big difference in app progress appears to be in monetising apps. Check out the iTunes App store and you will struggle to find many for free. Admittedly, many are less than a pound, but for bulk downloads, even with Apple’s cut, there is money to be made. Compare that to Android market where the majority of apps are free and certainly the big downloaders are all free. Unless an Android app has a very specific USP maintaining a ‘paid-for’ mentality often means the app only gets a handful of downloads.

However, we love the open source nature of Android and think it will eventually take a strong hold in the tablet market as it is now doing with phones. Yet unless the mind-set of users can be changed, Android apps and Apple apps may always sit differently in terms of how they operate for a business and make money for a brand.

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