It’s that time of year again and here at 123-reg we don’t want you to end up looking a fool.

So we’ve trawled the web and found some of the top April Fool’s spoofs out there this year so 1) you can marvel at their inventiveness and 2) make sure you don’t get caught out.

Google UK translate for animals

Google’s business slogan is “Making the world’s information universally accessible” and hot on the heels of their assistance in overcoming business and social barriers comes this latest effort overcoming barriers between species – or so they say. “We are excited to introduce Translate for Animals, an Android application which we hope will allow us to better understand our animal friends. We’ve always been a pet-friendly company at Google, and we hope that Translate for Animals encourages greater interaction and understanding between animal and human.” expands the Google blurb on what we think must be a spoof? Surely?

YouTube’s text-only mode

“By using text-only mode, you are saving YouTube $1 a second in bandwidth costs” claims the online video site, where you can watch a sample video in  a low-resolution with lots of miscellaneous characters replacing the usual pixels. We think the “fool” at the end of the URL might give this one away.

Starbucks new range of cup sizes for our North American cousins

Out in the US and Canada they say big is better so the coffee-house giant leads its blog with a story of two new cup sizes coming soon, thanks to direct customer feedback. The Plenta is for those who need more than just a little caffeine kick. At a whacking 128 US fluid ounces (3.785 litres!) the Plenta would probably take a whole day to finish. While big is big across the Atlantic, so is keeping weight-down, so the size-conscious might be attracted to the Micra cup size at just 2 US fluid ounces (59 millilitres). That is if they ever existed…

For a fuller list of April Fools spoofs this year and past, check out April Fools Day on The Web

Not only do we at 123-reg like saving you from looking a fool but we also like giving you a little bit of a treat every now and then. Follow us on Twitter now to check out our very special April Fool’s Day offer.

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