Just as 3D technology begins to become more familiar in our homes, so somewhere in the world has to go another step further, well actually two steps further.

Unsurprisingly, that place in the world is Japan where Sharp has revealed details of new theme park attraction dubbed “The 5D Miracle Tour”. The dutch-themed, Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan is to play home to a new installation made up of 156 60-inch LCD TVs set out below the feet, above the heads and surrounding visitors on three walls.

Yet, while the claim is 5D, and there is all round action, we can’t quite see how they can truly claim it to be 5D technology. The screens used aren’t 3D and from the initial press literature it appears there are no plans for smell-o-vision or even extra special effects. We guess it is all about the experience.

The installation will open this Friday (A Japanese public holiday) running an 8 minute long specially prepared video.

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