The Wii generation revolutionised the gaming world and offered a response to those saying we all risked developing into couch-potato gaming geeks. However, even die-hard gamers and Wii fans have probably had gaming sessions, slumped on the sofa rather than taking on the full gaming experience, which somewhat cheats the Wii concept. This Autumn however, the latest gaming revolution will mean laziness is not an option.

Project Natal from Microsoft has been rebranded Kinect and this week is showcasing at the E3 games expo in Los Angeles.The system uses a hands-free control interface and there will even be software to utilise facial and vocal recognition, it is the gaming of the future that seemed little more than a Sci-Fi dream, just a decade a go, but Microsoft expects to have homes across the world interacting with the Kinect by Christmas, although no official launch date has been given.

Competition for the MS Kinect comes from the Sony PlayStation Move controller and Nintendo’s upgraded WiiMotion Plus, but neither offers the full body movement control method of the Kinect that may sound gimmicky but really could mean a realistic challenge to outdoor sport from the indoor games industry.

With some of the ‘older’ generations getting on the gaming bandwagon thanks to Wii, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft’s latest development will be embraced equally by old and young alike.

Are you excited about the MS Kinect?

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