The Rissington Podcast bills itself as a “web-geek version of Gardeners’ Question Time”. This isn’t a genre I’ve stumbled upon before, but presenters Jon Hicks (who, incidentally, designed the Firefox logo) and John Oxton make for an entertaining double act. They deliver quality internet and web design tips alongside irreverent banter and jokes (and some strong language).

It’s a must-hear for our in-house design team. The latest episode covers everything from comics, Lego and mojitos to rock music, telecommuting and Bounty chocolate bars … plus lots of CSS, HTML, design and accessibility tips, of course.

Much of the show is based around listener questions, so if you have a burning query about web design, code or even cheese (yes, really), you can fire a quick email off to the duo and wait to see if they answer your question.

One of the items this week was about choosing web hosting and a domain name registrar. As you can see from their homepage, they mentioned 123-reg during the piece. (Thanks for the plug lads, but next time could you remember it’s 123-reg, not reg-123?)

Anyway, if you haven’t come across them before, you can have a listen now.

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