Most of us mere mortals don’t have access to a sun bed at work. But given the alarmingly high rate of skin cancer cases in the UK, this is probably a good thing. In reality those of us seeking the artificial sun God are really living in the dark, ‘blister-fully’ ignorant of the harm that excessive sun bed use can cause.

In a bold effort to raise public awareness Nottingham based skin cancer charity SKcin has set up a new website. doesn’t rely on the usual finger-wagging-nanny route to enlightenment. Instead the site cleverly dupes the bronze brigade into believing that a sun-kissed exterior is only a mouse click away.

People are fooled into the belief that they can freely sun themselves 9 to 5, while sat in front of their PC. boasts software which can produce ultraviolet rays right out of your computer screen. However, when the gullible individual eagerly clicks download they are met with a stark warning about the perils of UV radiation.

At first sun bed bars appear glowing on the screen. So-far-so-good thinks the virtual beach dweller. But then suddenly the abrupt message “Don’t be fooled UV rays can kill” springs out. This is then followed by graphic illustrations of skin cancer to truly drive the shock home. Perhaps this process sounds overtly harsh, but we have to remember that skin cancer is the most common form of disease in young people today.

With one million hits in two months, has certainly spread SKcin’s message. So if you have an inventive or novel idea, don’t keep it to yourself. Setting up a website has never been cheaper or easier with 123-reg.


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