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This blogger has been online for too many years to mention and one of my earliest ‘jobs’ was reviewing new websites submitted to a then leading search engine – oh how things have changed. So it is fair to say that I have come across websites about pretty much every subject under the sun, doing almost anything that is physically possible – and many things that are not.

However, the world of online still continues to amaze and excite with a prime example the details landing in my inbox of the launch of a new site today called Hauctions. Hauctions, I am led to believe is “an international horse auction site providing the world’s first automated online auction environment for trading animals”. Now I’ve been using online auction sites for as long as I’ve been online and seen many come and go, but I have to admit I don’t ever recall seeing an equine ebay-style site before.

Horse breeders and horse agents from across the world have united apparently to “drag the age old tradition of selling horses at auction into the modern age by using the internet to match the right horse to the right buyer at the right price, whether 50 or 5000 miles away”. The actually auctioning doesn’t commence until April but from today those with interest in selling and buying horses can pre-register with the site, and by doing so have a chance to ‘win’ a spanish horse.

I for one wish them well in the new venture, though I am not sure I presently have the need or desire to pre-register. I just wonder what will be next. Perhaps the trading of professional footballers in the next football transfer window?

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  • Hauctions

    The parallel with footballers amused us because in fact a transparent online ebay style auction for the trading of footballers would a make a lot of sense. If you consider all the shady agent deals, fishing and double dealing that taints the transfers of footballers, how refreshing it would be to see transparency? It would certainly elimninate backdoor deals and inflated prices. I think all would put the Buy Now price at a huge premium living in hope that Roman Abramovich would click it, but at least the smaller clubs could have a bid or two first! But we will stick to horses for now :-)

    February 19, 2011 at 10:00 am