Keeping up to date with Google’s latest developments, tweaks and introductions could almost be a full-time job. The Google development labs across the world is an ever expanding team, launching and improving something almost daily. Of course, the big stories hit the national headlines such as the launch of Google Instants but unless you have a news aggregator set to ‘google’ you may be missing out on some of the smaller but no less helpful new things from Google. So how can you keep on top of it?

Adding Google New to your list of daily check favourites would be a good start. There’s a good selection of the most recent new Google items and a search you can limit by product type or area of interest. On offer this week details of Google Docs now supporting web fonts using the Google Font API which will help the import of Microsoft Word Documents into Google Docs.

Visually, its nothing special but for keeping you up to date with new time-saving tweaks it will do a great job. Check it out.

Do you already use Google New? Can you recommend other sites to keep people up to date?

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