Before the rise of the personal computers, the differing styles of lettering were comfortingly known as typefaces, and a font was just one variation within that typeface. Now one designer is taking that traditional term literally and developing a nifty piece of software that will allow a user to create a font (or typeface) based upon the proportions and variations of their individual face.


Combining the current internet trend of personalisation and plain. simple fun, designer Mary Huang first announced the project in October last year via her blog. There is still no formal site but Huang has been keeping enthusiastic potential customers updated via the blog.

TYPEFACE utilises a webcam to bring together facial recognition and type-design and produce a font as unique as your own face. Yet, far from just a one-off font creator, Huang sees the software as something to have some fun with that can keep evolving:

“Originally, TYPEFACE was about creating a typeface that corresponds to each individual, like a typographic portrait. However, I found that what people really wanted to do was make funny faces at the camera so they could watch the type change. So, I decided to encourage that. I also wanted to draw a closer connection to handwriting, so I added the ability to type in the program, which creates sentences with accumulated variation in the letters.” she says on her blog.

Blogging last month, Huang suggested a download might be available by the end of this month and we’ve already bookmarked her site to keep an eye on what we think could revolutionise the way we write and present our musings online and in print.

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