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Could your business be a community hero?


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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) it may not be the most glamorous thing you do while running your business, but it can form the basis of some of the most rewarding projects you’ll work on. In this article, we’ll look at why you should develop a CSR strategy and how you can make it work for…

A leader’s guide to networking for business success


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Patrick Pulvermuller, CEO

Everyone knows networking is vital for business success but as with so many of these things it’s easier said than done. At one time or another we’ve all struggled to make the connections that can help us grow our company in the way we want. In fact, if you’re just starting out, networking can seem…

Got big plans for 2014? Patrick Pulvermuller, CEO, explains how 123-reg can help you achieve them


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At 123-reg, we have the privilege of providing crucial online services to a huge number of thriving businesses – we know you rely on us to ensure you can meet the needs of your customers. Because of this, we’re constantly working to ensure that we offer the best possible products alongside top-notch customer service. The…