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The future of TV is connected

By Tim Fuell - September 22, 2011

We’ve written before about how the way people view and use TV is changing, but the focus of interest for visitors at the latest IFA electronics fair in Berlin perhaps offered the...

Business Elite take to Twitter

By Tim Fuell - September 14, 2011

Whether it is an attempt to be down with the kids, or simply identifying the networking and business growth potential of the Twittersphere, a new survey from CNBC entitled Europe’s Mobile Elite...

Online shoppers more savvy than ever

By Tim Fuell - September 9, 2011

News from IMRG who brand themselves as ‘the voice of e-tail’ shows that while online shopping continues to rise, the way people shop online is changing. Almost aping the traditional high street shopper,...

Fast-track closure for criminal domains

By Tim Fuell - September 7, 2011

UK Police could find it easier to close down .uk domain names being used for suspected criminal activity if draft recommendations out for discussion are adopted by national Internet registry Nominet. Under the...

Dictating the way we produce content?

By Tim Fuell - September 1, 2011

In Florence, Italy they have spoken… and a computer noted it down….These last few days have seen Interspeech 2011, the 12th annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association being held in...