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Why virus risks are not to be sniffed at

By Tim Fuell - October 2, 2012

While a human virus like Flu can cripple your business if it spreads through your employee base, a computer virus can literally kill your business, yet there is much more you can...

6 top tips on password security

By Tim Fuell - July 17, 2012

Almost every week the news channels are busy with a story on another big high-profile password breach, the latest being Yahoo  investigating a breach via its Yahoo Voices servers. Here at 123-reg we...

Is the EU’s cookie law confusing you too?

By John - April 19, 2012

You might remember that in May last year some new EU rules came into force. Dubbed the ‘EU cookie law’, the legislation says websites have to get permission from users before storing...

The true cost of cyber crime

By Tim Fuell - September 23, 2011

A new infographic from anti-virus company Kaspersky Labs suggests the cost of an individual’s lax approach to online security could be over US$2,000 with criminals able to make more money from any...

Fast-track closure for criminal domains

By Tim Fuell - September 7, 2011

UK Police could find it easier to close down .uk domain names being used for suspected criminal activity if draft recommendations out for discussion are adopted by national Internet registry Nominet. Under the...

Have your Holiday wits about you

By Tim Fuell - July 22, 2011

News recently that the European Commission wants to cut mobile phone overseas roaming charges has highlighted another modern phenomena. The fact is, the internet is so much part of our daily lives,...

Are you .XXX cited?

By 123 Reg - July 21, 2011

It’s the nexxxt big thing and one of the biggest talking points in the hosting industry for years. This week we launched our .xxx domain registration and with lots of debate but mixed...

Suspicious Minds?

By Tim Fuell - June 2, 2011

A new report from security experts Bullguard suggests that nine out of ten people in Britain don’t trust the internet – that’s despite the fact that 75% of the nation are online...