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Over the past two weeks you have been telling us your stories and we have been crying with laugher and gasping with shock and we have been so excited for the next story to come in! You have outdone yourselves and we are featuring some of the stories we have enjoyed the most.

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Here are our favourite stories from the past week:

Kay Adeola when I was about 11 I was complaining to my mum that I was hungry when we was on the bus she kept telling me to wait till I got home I was not impressed lol but as we drove in to our town the bus driver stopped said he would be back in a few minutes when he came back he had brought me a lovely cream cake from one of the shops and said he didn’t want me to be sad lol lovely man quite old then and became a family friend he has since passed but I will always remember the kindness he showed me :-)

Helen Jacob-Lloyd Bus Story Competition – My most memorable bus story is when a lady went into labour on the bus! The bus journey I used to make a lot goes past a hospital, I presume the lady was on route to the hospital, as she was heavily pregnant, but there was a road closure due to a burst gas pipe, so the bus sat at traffic lights and in queues for about 30 minutes longer than the usual length of the journey. This lady was with her partner and started to look like she was in a panic, as did her partner! It soon becomes evident that her waters had broken, as a puddle appeared on the floor. She began being embarrassed and apologising to everyone but as her contractions began to get stronger she soon didn’t care. We were all trying to help, with tissues on the floor, people were offering bottles of water, and painkillers etc but she didn’t want any of it! By this time we were within walking distance of the hospital so her and her partner got off the bus quickly and headed to the hospital! I’ve never seen them again but it sure was an eventful journey!

Dawn Costen Oh my goodness most memorable bus journey? It wasn’t a particularly long bus journey maybe 10 minutes tops – but it was a very hot day with a couple of extremely stinky people on it, that I managed to plonk myself right behind and proceeded to try and discreetly turn my head to the side every now and again to get an intake of “fresh” air before holding my breath a little bit longer! As I said it wasn’t a particularly long journey but it felt like THE longest journey ever!! I think it will stick in my mind forever as being the most memorable journey for me – to be honest I don’t think I have been on a bus since!

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