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Forget Call of Duty, FIFA et al, those of us of an older generation remember when gaming was about piling 10p pieces into a giant box in some arcade in an attempt to make clunky sprites move as fast as our fingers could pound the buttons.

If you are of the age where the coin-op retains a stroing place in your heart, we may have found you the perfect short-break destination. Forget the Berlin wall and the Reichstag, if you are of a gaming persuation then the  Computer Games Museum in Berlin is the place to head when in Germany.

As part of the a larger exhibition dedicated to digital interactive entertainment, the museum for gamers opened earlier this year under the full title of “Computerspiele. Evolution eines Mediums” (“Computer Games. Evolution of a Medium”). There are  over 300 exhibits in an interactive environment include playable classic games inside the logo’d solid wooden cabinets that made them so enticing.

Take the tour and learn more about the historical journey of gaming through six decades and you will begin to realise how technology like Kinect really was science fiction until very recently.

Have you visited the museum?
Do you remember when TAITO and ATARI were the names everybody spoke about?

We’d love to hear your stories.

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