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The internet truly offers a world of possibilities. You can connect to friends on the other side of the world, you can purchase almost anything your ever wanted (and lots you never needed), you can watch video, listen to music, you can even remotely control appliances within your home. The internet is fantastic at giving power and knowledge to everybody and anybody, but the one thing it can’t guarantee is protection for the stupid.

That may sound harsh but sometimes, as the wonderful Darwin Awards have been showing for years there are some people in this wide world who  are just beyond help. If the Darwin’s used the internet to make more aware of the fact, the internet itself is now doing its best to highlight the shortcomings of more and more people in this world we live in.

In the past week we have seen stories of the internet cafe robbers who left themselves logged in to Facebook and now the iPhone thief who uploaded his own family photos to the phone’s Photo Stream on iCloud. In days gone by we may never have learnt of such stupidity yet, the internet is full of tales like this in ever growing numbers.

Yet don’t confuse stupid with ignorance. There is nothing to be ashamed of about being ignorant on certain aspects of the online world. Even this blogger – a so called expert – gets caught out every now and then, the topic, the possibilities are so vast. In fact, that is why 123-reg is here. We aim to make the internet simple and make its possibilities accessible to all. We aim to educate and inform via this blog. Not just on our own products, but on the wider world wide web in general. Via our support site, we also aim to guide and hand-hold our customers attempting to get the best out of our products and each and every tweak to our site and product range is designed to open more doors and more potential revenue streams to our customers, whatever their level of understanding.

The internet is a world of possibilities, waiting to be tapped. Your 123-reg account is the most resourceful tool you are ever likely to come across to use it wisely and use it well.

If you have any particular aspect of 123-reg products, of the world wide web, or technology in general that you think needs explanation let us know.

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