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Early December this year, Facebook introduced an update to present everyone with new layouts to their profiles and walls which made posting status updates slightly different in format.

Since then, customised profiles have been popping up around the place and we thought you might like to know how you can produce something as elegant as the examples below.

(Images found on Google image search “personalised Facebook profile”)

Get your image

Firstly you need to select an image that will look good in pieces like the ones in the examples above. You will need Adobe Photoshop or some sort of image slicing software to do the next part.

Slice it up

The biggest part of your image on the left (your main profile picture) needs to be 180 pixels in width. The height can be as tall as you’d desire.

The small boxes at the top of the image need to be 68 pixels high x 97 pixels wide which will contain other elements of the main photo to achieve the effect shown above.


Go to photos > upload photos and select the images you want that compile the whole image. Be sure to allow the images to share with everyone so that everyone can see.

Once saved don’t publish them to your stream unless you want to. Tag the photos from last (furthest right) to first furthest left (not the profile picture) with your own name so they can appear at the top in the way the examples do.

Last but not least upload the biggest portion (the profile picture) as your profile picture to complete the effect.


Your profile should now look really cool and your friends will be bugging you to ask how you did it. Be sure to send them our way.

The steps above were inspired by the very useful video “Facebook ‘Profile Picture Hack’ Tutorial” by xadacka which is available here:!

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