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Being earnest in business is the most important lesson you could ever learn.

Giving your business the importance it deserves and treating it to the serious attention it demands is the only true route to success. Striving on the road to success it can be very easy to lose sight of your goal. It is even easier to lose track of the path you are treading to reach that goal.

Distractions are bad

One of the biggest reasons for businesses not making it to that final step of viability is distractions. Be that family, studies, or juggling another job, or several other projects, the more your attention is diverted away from your business project the less chance of it being the full success you want it to be.

In an ideal world those setting up a business would have six months of funding behind them. A well written business plan that they stick to and a smooth run in without any big life events or other time burdens. Reality check: We don’t live in an ideal world. In fact, we now live in a world where work – life – balance is often promoted as a reason to start-up your own business and in reality that too often leads to people seriously over-committing their time trying to ensure too many people are happy and given a fair share of their time.

That’s not to say only single people with no spare time interests can’t be a success in business. Some of the most famous entrepreneurs are parents to multiple children, involved in various businesses, do charity work and still have time to run marathons! It is all about being aware of what your business needs to succeed and making sure you can at least match that.

Hard work beats talent

Not always, but certainly hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Expertise is a fantastic thing and can give you a leg up in so many ways, but that is also where networking comes in handy. You don’t need to be talented personally in every field to make your business work, you just need to be able to spot what talents your business needs and then find a way of bringing the two together. That takes a bit of research, a bit of time and a lot of dedication. Success in business take a lot of dedication. There is a pattern for a reason. Putting in the hours won’t guarantee you success but it will give you a much bigger advantage than letting things slide or flounder. Even if you have the talent and expertise yourself, fail to properly apply it and your business is going nowhere. To properly apply it, you need to understand your business, that takes time and that takes focus.

The more earnest you are the more chance your business will continually move forward and reach success.


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