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OK its not a major revelation and we’ve written about here already this year, but smartphones are where your potential market is at and the latest report suggests its snowballing growth is bigger than ever predicted.

The report from hi-tech analysts Canalys suggests that in the first quarter of this year alone – and remember we are supposedly in hard economic times – sales of smartphones rose a massive 83% compared year-on-year.  that’s over 100 million mobile phones sold worldwide January to March that have smartphone capabilities.

The success of the Android operating system has obviously helped support that growth with its market share rising from 10 to 35%. Meanwhile, once a mobile trend-setter, Nokia’s Symbian operating system came in at 26% market share, falling from 45%, perhaps a major prompt in Nokia’s announced link up with Microsoft for future development.

It certainly seems that people across the globe are embracing the internet in your pocket concept. While these smartphones are more powerful than the desktop PCs of ten years ago, they do have limitations, mainly down to size,limitations that need to be considered when designing your site.

Do you have a mobile optimised site? Should we already be thinking of the next market beyond smartphones?

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