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Introducing 24/7 customer service

By Thomas Costello - December 1, 2016

123 Reg is delighted to announce that we have extended our customer service offering to include 24/7 support. This service is an extension of 24/7 support which has been enjoyed by Dedicated and VPS customers.

Our overarching goal is to empower small businesses and help them to take advantage of all that the internet has to offer. We appreciate that the working day is changing, 9-5 working life, especially. Therefore, it is vital to us that we assist customers of all levels of experience and technical understanding, in a way and timing that best suits them. Whether customers are dealing with clients, completing tax returns or even finishing the school run, we recognise that we need to available to customers when they need us most – whatever the time may be.

For that reason, we have now made it easier for customers to get in contact, through the introduction of a full 24/7 telephone support service.

So, what has changed?

Some customers may have noticed that at the start of October, we introduced a pilot which increased the levels of staff working on weekends. This was an expanded service; in addition to our Dedicated and VPS teams. This successful pilot has led to the full operation of 123 Reg support telephone lines on a 24/7 basis. Now, any customer, whatever the issue, can speak on the phone with a member of our service team, be it night or day.

What changes can customers expect?

We do not expect customers to experience any denigration in service levels. In fact, we do expect customers to enjoy a more efficient and flexible service. Customers can now contact us day and night to gain support when they need it most.

Will live chat change?

123 Reg is committed to providing a number of different alternatives for customers to contact us. Our live chat service hasn’t changed, and the operating hours will remain the same. However, we are exploring ideas to see whether the hours of this service could/should also be extended. Let us know your thoughts here

Increased staff

To be able to offer this service, we have invested in both new members of the service teams alongside significant investment in training for existing staff. This will allow our service teams to serve a wider number of customers in a more time effective way. But, please be patient with us at the beginning as we find our feet in this new way of working! In the long-term, we have every faith that this new and expanded service commitment offer the same positive experiences that customers have come to expect.

Dedicated and VPS customers should not experience any changes to their existing service levels.

Services available to all 123 Reg customers:

Phone support: 24/7

Ticket support: 24/7

Work hours for chat are:

Monday to Friday: from 09:00 to 17:30

Thanks to you

This change has been implemented thanks to the really important feedback customers give to us. We have listened and understood that every business is different and the ways and times that customers need to gain our support and guidance varies greatly.

Moving forward, 123 Reg will continue to invest significantly in refining our service policies for the benefit of our customers, and we would encourage all customers to provide feedback to us. 123 Reg is dedicated to keeping the customer at our heart and we are determined and inspired to continue to meet and exceed customer expectations.