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The internet really is part of our every day lives. Even your technophobe gran or principled uncle would probably be surprised to learn how their own lives even indirectly are reliant on the use of the internet.

This week that has been even further highlighted by two stories. Yesterday, the BBC were reporting the possibility of the first mobile phone into space. Scientists have tested mobile phones at high-altitude but the plan of one set of British Engineers is to send and android-based handset on-board a satellite to take pictures of the Earth later this year.

The other story had was on US magazine site with the quirky headline of: Puppy Cams Threaten Internet, Cisco Says. Yes, that’s right, the trend to use webcams to keep an eye on your puppy when you are away from home, could risk the future connectivity of all of us. Perhaps not the only reason but the story came from the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) in Hawaii where delegates from the Americas and Asia Pacific regions discussed the future of the internet. While smartphones, smartTVs and even fridges that connect to the internet are great additions to our daily lives, the number of devices jumping online every day is putting massive pressure on the infrastructure. IP traffic is set to rise over four-fold in the five years from 2009 meaning something needs to be done to expand networks, improve cables, etc before we all just grind to a halt.

It might be the feature of Science Fiction films, but realistically if capacity continues to be used up at the current rate and nothing is done to improve infrastructure, then the whole world really could grind to a halt and be left in darkness.

Have a think. How many items in your house connect to the internet in some way or other?

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