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Six articles to read before the month is out – June 2014

By Tim Fuell - June 26, 2014

Did anybody else notice how that little bit of sunshine seemed to make the month so much more pleasant? People being nice to one another, deals progressing and new networks created. Whether June 2014 has been memorable for your yet or not, here’s a chance to make a difference and learn something that could change your life….. or at least be a worthwhile read….

Content hits the target1. A guide to creating content in the formats your audience loves

As a Content Marketeer myself a regular visit to the The Content Marketing Institute website is a must and this back to basics article is perfect for experts and those new to creating marketing content. The traits of each form of content helps you but into context  how you can create content that has variety and engagement whilst maintaining factors you already finds works.

2. 60 marketing acronyms every industry pro should know

Even experienced marketeers can be caught out by some obscure jargon every now and then – you probably know the concept but in the heat of a meeting may not immediately recognise it hiding behind an almost cult saying. Acronyms are those words created from the initial letters of other words involved in a phrase. Designed to improve the UX but sometimes leading to more confusion.

3. The social media marketing hero’s cycle

Kevin Shively of Simply Measured posted this back in May but it’s a great piece to get you thinking about how your content  needs to be created and delivered to meet what your customer needs. Did you ever think drafting a whitepaper could be compared to writing a sitcom? It’s all about the focus on the customer’s journey and reaching that end goal.

startuptools4. 80+ marketing tools for startups

A simple list, with some simple sites but whether you are a start-up and would be start up or well established entity, lists like these are bookmark gold. It is amazing how time-saving – and money-saving – some of these tools can be when you are running your business. Not all are free, but it pays to know they exist in case you ever have the budget to use them.

5. 100 Questions you must ask when developing a website

In a busy business with limited resources, checklists like this can mean the difference between success and failure. Missing out asking at an early stage could prove costly, so don’ be afraid to use prompts like this in meetings. Without your webdesigner having a grasp of the answers to these questions you risk getting a website designed not to specfication or need but one based on modification. and that doesn’t sell product or services.

6. Social media questions answered by top social media experts

question mark dice

Image: Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Whether you are a social media guru or a true skeptic, there is something for everybody in here. Nothing new in the format: Get some leading players ask them for their top tips and insight, but it is a great range of experts, across different platforms and with some real practical advice too.

Don’t forget there is a whole host of articles, videos and whitepapers on this the 123-reg Content Hub too. Every business owner is different and every business unique, but the more you learn, the more you take in, the better your chance of being a success.