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Online learning can save £s

The Civil Service has long been respected for its career-long learning approach but in the spate of current belt-tightening it has been forced to re-consider the way courses are delivered. The resulting switch to online learning is expected to save nearly £90m per year on the Civil Service staff training budget according to government figures. [...]

Free online course for budding entrepreneurs

Looking for inspiration from those that have made it? With Christmas coming there are plenty of ‘I did it this way’ type books hitting the shelves along side traditional winners, but they all cost money. The Entrepreneurs’ Organization have linked with online learning resource site to create a free online course entitled Stone Soup [...]

Getting the rest of Britain online

The new British coalition government is naturally trying to be everything to everybody and that is set to include the internet. In her role as UK digital champion founder, Martha Lane Fox has announced plans to get everybody of working age in Britain online by the end of the current Parliament – a population [...]

The end of exam hall fear?

However far you pursued or are pursuing your education, there is no doubt, that feeling of fear and adrenaline you experience when standing outside the exam hall is something you will always remember. Equally so, that eerie silence, almost atmospheric void you experienced once you were in the exam sat at your desk. Yet, now [...]

Students: what happens when graduate employers Google your name?

Any final year students out there? Have you started getting into that tricky job hunting phase yet, when the need to find some way of earning a bit of post-university cash starts jostling for attention alongside revision and making the most of your remaining university months? It’s not that long since some of us here [...]