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Why now may be the perfect time to push your PR

In the UK, the months of July and August have long been known as ‘the silly season’ in the world of journalism, the term was even used before the end of the 19th century. Referring to the more frivolous news stories that appear in the media during the ‘quieter’ summer months. Despite the move towards [...]

No more spam, please! How can you stop getting spam emails?

Spam email is so irritating! It’s also time-consuming because you have to go and delete each and every unwanted email if no other anti-spam method works. You’re probably tired of seeing your email invaded by offers for pharmaceutical products, adult services or loans. So, what can you do to stop getting spam emails? The bad [...]

Euro 2012: Top 5 iTunes Download Football Apps

  Tonight England takes on Sweden in their second game of Euro 2012, hoping for their first win in the competition. With iTunes applications there is now no reason you should miss any of this intriguing matchup, nor any of the rest of the tournament. We all know that the mobile phone app industry has [...]

A world of possibilities…

The internet truly offers a world of possibilities. You can connect to friends on the other side of the world, you can purchase almost anything your ever wanted (and lots you never needed), you can watch video, listen to music, you can even remotely control appliances within your home. The internet is fantastic at giving [...]

Google tightens up as a research tool

If you need to know something, clarify something or just check some facts you used to be told “phone a friend”. Nowadays even your gran would probably tell you to “Google it”. Yet, as Google’s vast database has grown and SEO experts have tried hard to hog the top search results, actually finding those facts [...]

A fun and factual daily task

Did you know that Google run a daily puzzle challenge? The Google-a-Day sub-site is designed to improve your googling skills and of course help Google in their ever continuing thirst for knowledge. Each morning at 00:01 EST (That’s 05:01 GMT), Google sets a new puzzle and also posts the answer to the previous day’s teaser. [...]

6 top tips to overcome that Friday feeling

Admit it, you’ve been ‘at work’ for a couple of hours already but you haven’t really achieved much have you. It’s been a long week, it’s cold outside and you are really looking forward to whatever you are planning this weekend. You are probably not the only one who finds themself in that position with [...]

Enjoy the next year it ‘Mayan’ be the last

Goodbye. Or at least possibly goodbye in 12 months time. Not that we want to go, but December 21st 2012 is the end of the calendar, there are no more dates beyond this. The ancient Mayan civilization, who once had an empire stretching from Central Mexico to Guatemala, pretty much invented the calendar system – [...]

Have your Holiday wits about you

News recently that the European Commission wants to cut mobile phone overseas roaming charges has highlighted another modern phenomena. The fact is, the internet is so much part of our daily lives, many of us will take our annual vacation this year but still look to connect on the internet while away. Back in 2009 [...]

Twitter in search for bike thieves

We’ve reported before on the success of Twitter in reaching a wider audience and now we report how one man is turning to the power of Twitter to catch the thieves of his newly purchased bicycle. James Jones had only owned his £500 new bike a few days when he saw two thieves removing it [...]