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Big digital marketing on a small budget

As a business owner which do you have more of – time or money? Unless you’re lucky the answer is most likely to be the former. In my experience, growing firms tend to be able to spend a lot in terms of effort, but not so much in terms of cash – especially when it [...]

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Want to build trust in your small business? These experts can tell you how

When you think of the factors that persuade someone to buy a product or service online what springs to mind? Price is certainly a consideration, as is the visibility generated by aspects such as marketing and search engine optimisation. However, the significance of all of these is dwarfed by just one thing – trust. Doing [...]


Are you aware of new Gmail updates?

2013 has been a year of significant change for users of Gmail. Earlier in the year, Google began filtering newsletters into separate folders within user’s inboxes. Last month, Google announced that images will now be cached in newsletter emails – a change that caught some by surprise. Gmail’s newsletter changes It is important that emails [...]

Paid Advertising Part Two – PPC and CPC

In Part One of our Paid Advertising series, we explained what AdWords and AdSense are and looked at the differences between the two. In this Part Two we will take a closer look at PPC and CPC. We will define the two concepts so there’s no more confusion and you get a better understanding of [...]

Personalised advertising – Could this be the real value of Klout, Kred, etc

Segmented marketing has been around for a while. Categorising your customers (or potential customers) gives you a chance to be more direct and appealing to your recipients and hopefully see a better hit rate and end results. It works and there is science to back it up, but with every trend there is always room [...]

6 top tips to get your message out there

Coming into the new year it makes sense to re-focus what you do and how you do it, so you can be more efficient and more effective over the next 12 months. How you sell yourself in the words and messages you deliver to customers and potential customers is one of the most important factors [...]

Why focusing just on sales won’t make a business

If you are in business, you should be doing it to make money. If not get out now. Running a business is not for the faint-hearted and even if you have £s to squander running a loss making business brings about more problems than just dwindling bank-balances. So the key for your business should be [...]