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Too much competition? Increase your traffic with long tail keywords

No matter what business or industry you’re in, you probably have an idea how competitive the search landscape is. Being in a very competitive industry means you are competing with hundreds if not thousands of sites that are targeting the same niche as you. This means they’re trying to rank for the same keywords as [...]

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Trust signals search engines love: credibility, honesty, reliability

Think search engines rank sites higher just because they’re popular? Wrong. A site doesn’t rank higher just because it gets a lot of traffic. Search engines actually care more about trust and authority than popularity. But what does trust mean and how can you build it? It’s not easy to build trust online but there’s [...]

Google Places reviews in action

3 quick & easy ways to get better reviews on Google Places

Never have reviews and testimonials been such an effective way to prove your business is awesome, is trustworthy and delivers on its promises. Now, with Google Places prominently displaying reviews, it’s more important than ever that you get people talking about your business and get great reviews. However, that means you need to put in [...]

Getting started with Local Search and Google Places for Business

Did you know that 97% of consumers search for local businesses online? When searching online, many people search by location as most of the times they’re interested in a nearby business. For example, if they’re looking for a restaurant, they’re searching for one in the town they’re currently in so location is very important as [...]

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The simplest ways to do Local Keyword Research

Since the Venice update, local keywords research has been a hassle. Sure, you could still use the Google Keyword Tool to find out search volumes for keywords with Geo Modifiers such as “City Name +Keyword” but is that enough to get the data you need? The Google AdWords Keyword Planner is a much better solution [...]

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What is Local Search Engine Optimisation?

Now, more than ever, local SEO needs to be a key focus of any local company’s marketing plan.  Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to ensure that when users search online they are returned the most accurate and relevant results. For example, if a user searches for “London dentist”, it’s only normal that all [...]


Penalised by Google? Here’s 11 reasons why and how to recover

Search engines become smarter all the time. Google is constantly improving its algorithms in order to give users the highest quality content and the most accurate information. Algorithms follow rules. Uncovering those rules – and taking advantage of them – has been the goal of anyone who wants their website to rank highly. But when [...]

Learn SEO from the experts

6 sources for SEO tips you must bookmark

Like most of you, I stumbled into SEO. I was working for a marketplace that was selling website templates and the CEO asked me to look into that “SEO stuff”.  It’s been a long, yet exciting learning experience since then; sometimes I struggled understanding certain terms and practices but it was all part of the [...]


Syndicating your content without affecting your page rank

Getting traffic to your site can be a real challenge in today’s crowded marketplace. Reaching and attracting new readers while, at the same time, building a brand, takes a lot of time and effort. Syndicating your content can be a good way to gain some extra exposure, build brand authority and build some valuable links. [...]