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Mobile Web Site Creator

Getting your domain and website mobile quickly

Smartphone and tablet ownership in the UK is on an ever-rising curve and even those who previously saw themselves as technology-challenged are going on line thanks to the ease of use of mobile devices.
That means a potential bigger audience than ever for your website – but only if your site is mobile ready and optimised.

Finding Reg - 123-reg Customer Service video

Have you seen Reg?

Our customer service is built upon solving real problems by using real people who understand what it can be like to be a customer facing frustrations.
Our new Finding Reg video reflects the passion some of our customers have for the customer service they receive. Check it out and share it.

Dairy Cow Web Design video

How 123-reg can help get your business online

Getting your business online may be a daunting proposition, especially if you are new to the internet, but with 123-reg our knowledge, our expertise and our market-leading products mean getting your business online and up and running really is as simple as 1-2-3.

Introducing the new improved 123-reg Order Process

We’re constantly listening to your feedback and trying to improve on the services we offer and in recent months we’ve had our team working hard on making our order process easier for you to use. It’s taken a lot of time, plenty of effort and much testing (which we are just finalising) but we think [...]

Why web archives could live forever

While much on the internet is about today and instantaneous matters, its biggest asset is probably the immediate reach and accessibility it offers to expert collections, opinions and thoughts. This week saw the launch of the virtualisation of cult and sadly missed DJ John Peel’s private record archives. Being released in stages, the project aims [...]

Don’t give up on email

Last week the case for email got several boosts across the globe. While the Royal Mail announced a massive rise in the cost of a first-class stamp, highlighting the decline of snail mail thanks mainly to the use of email, the experts and latest surveys suggest that email is still the top dog and likely [...]

Not even the greatest get it right every time

Sometimes even best laid plans hit a hurdle, but there’s always a solution – you probably just need some help and support. Here at 123-reg we always want you to get the best out of our services and products so we are constantly evolving our support systems to make sure we can provide the help [...]

You tube, we tube, on YouTube

  The official 123-reg YouTube channel has arrived offering some funky and informative videos aimed at helping people understand domain names. Built as a series of 5 short animated presentations, our opening batch of videos have been  designed as the perfect introduction to domain names, how they work and how to get one for beginners [...]

On the internet nobody knows if you are a dog…They will now

When Peter Steiner included the phrase “On the internet nobody knows if you are a dog“ in his cartoon that featured in the 5th July 1993 issue of The New Yorker, little did he realise the great fame and fortune it would bring him, nor that nearly 18 years down the line it would be still [...]

What will be the big Tech gadgets in 2011?

Later this week the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for 2011 begins in Las Vegas, USA. The world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow saw 126,641 attendees pass through its doors last year from more than 130 countries. It is the place where many of the trends for the consumer technology sector begin and 2011 is unlikely [...]