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6 design mistakes that can kill your sales

When building a site that customers will love, you need to focus on two things: human psychology and testing, testing, testing. You need to learn more about your audience and find out how they use your site. While knowing the best practices is a great way to improve your site’s design, you should always rely [...]

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Want a great site? Look no further than WordPress

Want a professional looking website that is easy to update, looks fresh and funky and can be developed simply over time? That’s exactly why WordPress is the backbone of the majority of websites on the world wide web.

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6 Free Web Design Tools to get your site up and running

You don’t need to be a wizard with HTML, CSS and other acronyms to build a website, but if you want an online presence, build a website is what you will have to do. If money is tight and your expertise limited you can still make it happen. Here are some tools anyone can use to get a website presence up and running:

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The rise of cards

Cards are quickly becoming the best design pattern for mobile devices. We’re witnessing a redesign of the entire web towards a personalised experience built entirely on individual pieces of content.

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6 Must-have elements to make your landing page convert

No matter how fancy your design is and no matter how clever your copy is, your site will never convert as well as it could. Why? Because you are trying to please everyone by creating a standard site that fits all. For instance, you have visitors coming to your site from a Google campaign but those are different from the visitors who come to your site from Facebook or Twitter.

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What’s happened to HTML5?

Four, five years ago people started talking about an exciting new Hyper Text Markup Language called HTML5 that was to redefine how we use the web. The conversation is still happening as HTML5 is constantly changing the way text, images, multimedia, web apps and more are being delivered to the end user in order to [...]

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Getting to grips with YouTube content creation

There’s no denying the influence of YouTube on our modern world. More and more of us are watching our daily video fix online, the channel continues to compete as one of the most used ‘search engines’ and you would be hard-pushed to find anybody even under the age of 60 in the UK who has [...]

How to create a website experience that users love?

No matter how fantastic you think your site looks with all the cool sliders and Parallax scrolling or how great your content is or how engaging your social media strategy is, it will all be equal to zero if your visitors hate your site. In other words, if your website is a stranger of good [...]

What our fans say: Social sharing is key

When we asked our Facebook fans what was the most important element to a successful business website, it was no surprise that social media sharing was vital to our customers businesses. What good is having great and engaging content if people have no way to share it? Very simply, that is the question all businesses [...]

What our fans say: Making the most effective website

In February, we asked our customers on our Facebook fan page what they thought to be the most important elements that are critical to a business website in 2013. Whilst the results were broad, it was clear from those we asked, that engaging content, social sharing links and easy to find contact information were vital [...]