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10 Reasons to Use a Website Builder to Build Your Website 

By 123 Reg - December 8, 2023

When it comes to launching a website, there are a few routes you can take. You could hire a professional designer. You could use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress. If you’re really brave, you might even want to go it alone and build your own website from code. Alternatively, you could harness the power of an intuitive website builder. In this article, we’ll zoom in on the website builder option to offer ten reasons why it might be the right choice for you.  

1 ➤ No technical knowledge necessary

Website builders like 123 Reg’s Website Builder are designed for complete novices. You don’t need to be familiar with code or computer programming language to use one. Using the user-friendly interface, you piece your site together step by step like a really easy jigsaw puzzle. You can choose a template, tweak the layout, add images, populate your site with content and more, without any tech training.  

2It’s incredibly affordable

If you’re on a tight budget, like many start-up entrepreneurs, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to afford to hire a professional web designer. Website builder plans start at less than £6 a month.  

3You can set up a website in a couple of hours

Website builders make it so simple to design a website that you can get one live in a matter of hours. Ecommerce stores will take a little longer, as you’ll have to add all your products to your site, but it’s possible to get a professional-looking homepage, about us page, portfolio and blog up and running in a couple of hours.    

4You don’t need to be an artist or have design skills

The first stage of launching a website with 123 Reg’s Website Builder is choosing a template for your website. There are dozens of templates to choose one, each one designed with a specific industry or set of industries in mind. Setting up a restaurant or catering business? There are templates for that. Starting a beauty brand? There are templates for that, too. Each one has been designed by a professional with an eye for what looks good online.   

5Get optimised for search engines

In order to show up at a decent place in the search engine results pages, websites need to be ‘optimised’. We call this practice ‘search engine optimisation’. SEO as it’s usually referred to, is a complex subject. SEO professionals train for months, sometimes years. Fortunately, 123 Reg’s Business, Business Plus and Online Store Website Builder plans come with an SEO tool. This tool will help you add ‘keywords’ to your site that are personalised to your business. If you’ve never heard of keywords before, they’re like little sirens that shout out to Google to tell it that your site relates to a specific topic or search query. Once Google realises your site fits a certain search category, it will start displaying your website in the search engine results pages. Of course, it’s much more complicated than this, but all you really need to know is that the SEO tools in a website builder will help people find your site.   

6Become an authority with your own blog

Blogging is a great marketing tool. It can help you drive traffic to your website, it can help you build bonds with customers, and it can help you stand out as an expert in your field, to name a few of its benefits. 123 Reg’s Website Builder allows you to add a beautifully designed blog to your website and make that blog accessible from your homepage navigation bar. The blogging tool lets you effortlessly add words to each blog entry, add a header image, add images to the body copy, and play around with layout by tweaking heading and subheading styles, fonts and more.  

7You get a domain name included on yearly and long-term plans

You can’t launch a website without a domain name aka a web address. It’s how visitors find and access your site. However, domain names can be costly – one of the most expensive in the world sold for more than $872 million. With 123 Reg you get a domain name for free when you sign up for a yearly or longer term plan. Of course, we’re not giving away million-pound domains here, but you can choose from thousands of non-premium options to find a web address that best suits your business, such as yourbusinessname.co.uk for example. 

8You get an email included

It’s important for businesses of all sizes to have a professional email address. It makes you look genuine, credible and trustworthy. A professional email address is one that mirrors your domain name and therefore your business’s name like yourname@yourbusiness.co.uk or info@yourbusinessname.co.uk. These professional email addresses stand in stark contrast to addresses like yourbusinessname@yahoo.com and so on.   

9Your website will be mobile friendly

Statistics suggest that more than 55% of website traffic now comes from mobile phone users. So, it’s important that your website is mobile-friendly – this means that it’s easy to view on a mobile phone screen. For example, words don’t disappear off the edge of the screen and images don’t hop around when viewed. All of the templates available through 123 Reg’s Website Builder are mobile-friendly, meaning your website will look as good when viewed on a mobile as it will when viewed on a desktop or tablet.   

10You can develop an omnichannel experience

Consumers are increasingly omnichannel, meaning they consume their information, do their research, and buy their products from a range of sources – from bricks and mortar stores to websites to social media pages. 123 Reg’s Website Builder allows you to effortlessly add social media buttons to your website, so your visitors can hop between mediums as they like.

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