So the year has settled in – too quickly for our liking – and no doubt you’ve already broken all those resolutions you made on December 31st. So we thought two weeks in would make a time to set some more resolutions to keep this year and some that are more business specific and designed to make your business more successful in 2012. So here’s six from us:

1 Make contact with an old client

Don’t do the hard sell, just see what they are up to and say hello. It may come to nothing but in two, three even six months time when they need some help or perhaps somebody they know needs help of the kind you can supply, you are more likely to feature in their thoughts.

2 Only hold meetings when needed

Not every problem deserves a meeting and far too often not every meeting deserves a meeting. So be strong, be realistic and ditch the meetings that you know aren’t likely to move anything on. Calling a meeting to solve a problem is the easy way out, solving it is the hardest bit.  Instead of all that wasted time to create space for a meeting, spend the time productively trying to solve the problem.

3 Re-tweet two articles per day

Not only will it help your own Twitter presence and following – although only if it is relevant and interesting information you are retweeting – but it will also encourage you to read a bit more and widen your own knowledge.

4 Join a new business group or networking organisation

This could be signing up to a trade or industry organisation or it could just be signing up to an online group such as the many thriving on LinkedIn. It is a great way of keeping up with the buzz in your industry but also of making new contacts who you can bounce ideas off of or learn from.

5 Learn when to move on

If a project keeps stalling or a product just isn’t moving, stop and take a step back. Putting more and more effort into solving the issues may be making it more diffuclt for you to see the whole picture. If you can put it on hold, or pass it to a colleague. A fresh set of eyes can be the fastest way to solving consistent stumbling blocks and more effective and efficient in the long run.

6 Manage your finances better

Invest in a suitable accounts package and put it in the hands of somebody suitably qualified to use it. Then make the most of it. As well as tracking all the ins and outs – make sure you chase invoices as they become overdue – us it to plan properly too. Look at cashflow and projections and flag up early any potential issues.

That’s just six from us what are your resolutions?

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