It’s that date again! February 14th. Apparently loved by lovers and romantics, but is it really? Many shudder at the thought of the expense and kerfuffle that surrounds the date. Others try to ignore it or shy away from it, but it is still always there niggling away.

OK, so your partner said, they didn’t want anything… but is that really what they meant?

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Of course ‘wasting’ money on over-inflated flowers and gifts at this time of year may be something they will frown upon, but we all like to be loved, we all like to be shown some appreciation and it needn’t cost the earth especially if you prove your love online.

So, if you’d forgotten, or perhaps planned to ‘save’ your money, here’s 6 quick wins to another’s heart that you can do for very little investment and at short notice thanks to the internet. You don’t evening need to miss your favourite TV programme to go on a date.

Put your smartphone to good use

Record a personal message for your loved one. The in-built video app should be perfect if you have a two-way camera on it. If not, audio is great too – and again the in-built apps will be more than capable of helping. Make it slushy if you like, but make it succinct. 60 seconds of love is under-rated, keep it punchy and personal and it will have more impact. Once you’ve done it you can send it via MMS on your phone, email attachment or even upload it to the web and share the link with them.

Give them the world

Well the world wide web at least. Many consider property to be the ultimate love gift. Flowers, pets, diamonds, property… OK, we said we’d keep it low-cost, so why not by them some property that is unique to them, that perhaps reflects your relationship, maybe reminds them of you… grab them a personalised domain name. Our very own Valentine’s offer gives you the chance to secure a or domain name for just £5. Tell the world and most importantly the isle of GB where your love lies.

Get the WWW community to help

Have a look at Thousands of people across the world willing to do almost anything for US$5. They will sing a song for your loved one, create you a personalised video, write a poem, even make physical gifts. Some of them are a bit quirky and we can’t vouch for their reliability (or indeed their sanity) but if you want to surprise your loved one with something a little bit different. there’s plenty here to choose from and they won’t break the bank.

Get crafty

Sites like Spoonful and have a vast array of printables, templates, cut-outs and recipes ideas perfect for you to make something with your bare hands for your Valentine. You don’t need to be an art wizard or culinary king or queen either. The accompanying instructions indicate the level of difficulty, so you just need the time, the inclination and some passion and you will soon be winning hearts.

Perfect a playlist

Those of a certain age will remember the wonders of the mixtape. A way to another’s heart was to put a selection of smoochy numbers ‘specially chosen’ onto a C90 audio cassette and hand that over with love. We don’t recommend the mixtape in the modern era simply because the look of bewilderment of ‘What do I do with that?’ is never a great way to kindle a relationship. In the modern era thought the playlist wins. Personally selected music with meaning and emotion and you don’t even need to pick up a guitar. If your loved one uses a cloud music service then create your special one a playlist there. You can share playlists via social media, email etc, so plan the unveiling of the list too, to add to the romance. If they are not into music in that format or perhaps that seems a little bit too impersonal, try creating a playlist of favourite songs as featured on YouTube. Create a slide presentation and you could even embed each video with a little personalised message alongside it. Then ping it over and wait for the gush of love in return.

Declare your love

Back in the day, if you wanted the world to know how much you loved your other half you would shout it from the rooftops, hire a light aircraft to pull a sign behind it, or pay to have your message appear at on a sports stadium’s LED screen. Now you can broadcast to the masses for free, and copy your loved one in for good measure too. Twitter, Facebook, even YouTube have already played host to thousands of marriage proposals and messages of undying love, but there is plenty of room for yours too.

So if you have just realised the error of your ways, go forth and create your loved one’s present before it is too late. If you haven’t had your heart captured by anyone, take a look anyway, you never know who you might meet online….

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